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My 2009 MD'ng finds.
Posted by: treasurefiend
Date: February 02, 2010 04:30AM
Well this is all of my finds for the 2009 metal detecting season, enjoy. Total silver coins found in 2009 = 48

2009 Notable Finds:
1911 BSA badge
1939 New York's Worlds Fair ring
1948 sterling personalized bracelet
1 Gen Service CW era cuff button
3 Silver rings
Oldest Penny - Dateless Matron LC 1816-1839
Oldest Nickle - 1867 Shield
Oldest Dime - 1905 Barber
Oldest Quarter - 1900 Barber

Large Cents: 1
Indian Head Cents: 8
Wheat Cents: 124
Shield Nickels: 1
V-Nickels: 2
Buffalo Nickels: 12
War Nickels: 6
Barber Dimes: 4
Mercury Dimes: 16
Silver Rosie. Dimes: 11
Barber Quarters: 2
Standing Liberty Quarters: 3
Silver Wash. Quarters: 6

Thanks for lookin, may we all have better luck here in the 2010 season!!!

:usmc:Chicago IL
Gear: Minelab Explorer SE Pro w/ Sunray probe w/ 8x6SEF coil + Garrett Ace 250 w/ 9x12 coil

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Re: My 2009 MD'ng finds.
Posted by: dave5710
Date: February 02, 2010 08:51AM
Great video and great finds. I truly enjoy watching your videos.

Central Illinois
T-2 & Garrett Pro-Pointer
"Keep pluggin' away"

Re: My 2009 MD'ng finds.
Date: February 02, 2010 11:02AM
wow that some nice silver collection you have, congrats on your finds..
very nice video..
good luck in 2010

My first Ring was a mens silver wedding band Oct/2008
My first mens diamond wedding Gold ring 3/22/2009
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living in Pataskala OHIO
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1st machine Garrett Ace 250/with a second coil 9x12
2nd machine Minelab Excalibur 2 1000/with Pluggers 3 piece straight shaft rod and Pluggers chest mount assy with
Mel Parkers mod.for disc/am switch on hand grip
3rd machine Minelab Etrac
4th machine Garrett ATPRO/Stock coil and 5 inch sniper coil and 5x8 coil added,NEL coils being used too
5th machine Garrett ATPRO/Gold stock coil
Garrett Pin Pointer Pro,Also new Orange PinPointer Pro/Docs Treasure Screamer Amp/Black Widow headphones/Gray Ghost under water headphones
Mel Parkers @#$%& 105 headphones
Predator Tools Raven shovel and Lesche #85 hand digger...

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