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California Beach Detecting
Posted by: yufo68
Date: August 11, 2011 12:54PM
Hi everyone,
I'm new to metal detecting and have a Minelab GP3000 that is brand new but has sit around for 6 years! Anyway, does anyone know if it is legal to metal detect on California beaches? Thanks so much for your input!

Aloha :smile:

Re: California Beach Detecting
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: August 11, 2011 01:32PM
The only beaches which have had any ........ in practice ...... actual enforced prohibitions, are beaches which are federal. Fortunately, very few of the beaches in CA are federal parks run. Most are state, city, county, etc.... run. And those, in practice, haven't had any problems.

I say " ... in practice", because there is, at the state park system level for instance "cultural heritage" verbage/rules. But fortunately, it has never been applied, in actual practice, to the state beaches. There's no reason why it *couldn't* be (if you asked enough questions, of enough bureaucrats, far enough up the ladder). But, no one has, so they've just been detected, since the dawn of time, with no problems :)

What part of the state will you be hunting at? Good luck.

Re: California Beach Detecting
Posted by: yufo68
Date: August 11, 2011 04:25PM
Thanks for the info. From Santa Barbara up to Pismo. :smile:

Re: California Beach Detecting
Posted by: Goldstrike
Date: August 12, 2011 06:26PM
I regularly detect the SoCal beaches and you'll see MANY detectorists enjoying this hobby every day of the week and I agree with Tom_in_CA's comments about the restrictions.
My concern is that you have a specialised expensive Minelab detector (GP3000) that I would not consider taking on any beach. The moment you get a drop of water in the electronic's, say goodbye to it. I would strongly recommend a detector that will handle the dry and wet sand without getting damaged and if your considering going anywhere near the water, a waterproof or submersible machine. The air on the beach is moist and carries fine sand which will find it's way everywhere, including your sandwiches!!! so expect your detector to accumulate particles of sand which need to be cleaned off after each hunt.
Welcome to the sport and I hope you have many years of fun as you discover those hidden treasures on the beaches!!!

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Re: California Beach Detecting
Posted by: yufo68
Date: August 12, 2011 11:58PM
Thanks Goldstrike! I didn't really think about sand blowing into the detector. I guess there's probably some type of cover I can purchase for it. I am really looking forward to finding some gold or diamond rings!

oh yeah
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: August 13, 2011 03:18PM
Well, you can probably wrap up ANY machine with enough plastic, and protect it from the elements. But gold-strike's input made me think of another item: You can certainly use a nugget machine for beach hunting, and ...... sure, you "won't miss anything". But you may also go bonkers if you are on a nail-riddled beach. I mean, you'll hear every single birdshot, staple, paperclip, etc... with a nugget machine. I suppose if the beach were clean enough (touristy with no industrial history of burned down wharves, beach bonfires, etc...) then you can do it. Some So. CA "baywatch" style beaches may fit that description. But up where I'm at (for instance), there are many beaches were anyone showing up with a pulse or nugget machine quickly leaves "for greener grounds" once they start finding oodles of teensy specks, nails, etc..... But, if that's all you have, and you don't have a standard coin/jewelry machine, it doesn't hurt to try.

Re: California Beach Detecting
Posted by: blue dunbar
Date: August 27, 2011 12:52AM
A while back when getting started in detecting, I hit the net hard looking for all kinds of hints and advice for anything. One tip that stuck in my mind was about removing the knobs on your machine and installing appropriate sized O rings over the stems that the knobs go on. And then pushing the knobs back on making sure that they and the O rings fit without interfering with each other. Also, if your machine can handle a plastic baggie and still be manipulated, covering it while at the beach can only help. Works for desert dust as well and slightly misty days.

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