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Digging a plug
Posted by: watchdr
Date: August 23, 2011 07:57PM
I just got my MD and was wanting to start going to the parks and beaches around here but realized after reading plenty of posts that I do not know the proper way to dig a plug. I would say I have an idea but I want this hobby to be fruitful, it's about getting out and having something to do other than work 24/7, so I really would like some help knowing how to do this so that I and others are not banned from doing this kind of thing.

Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: joe dirt_1
Date: August 23, 2011 10:48PM
Typically if the ground is moist I dig a 3 sided plug with a hinge attached about 6 inches deep. This helps keep the plug in place when you replace the plug and hopefully not damage the root system. For shallow coins you can pop them out with a sturdy screwdriver and not damage the grass at all.
If the ground is dry like it is now after the lack of rain in most of the country I wouldn't attempt to dig a plug in a lawn or park as it will certainly kill the grass. It is good that you asked for help and didn't go out and dig with reckless abandonment. Always try to make your plug area look as though you
never dug there and you will be fine. Welcome to the great hobby of metal detecting ! Happy Hunting..............


Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: jacknh
Date: August 23, 2011 11:49PM
Yes and if you dig a plug as Roger has said, it's also a good idea to have a towel or something to put your dirt on so when you put the dirt back in the hole, you won't be able to see where you've been. If you detect on the beach where it's all sand, please fill in your holes there. Welcome to metal detecting. It's a great way to get out and enjoy the weather and you just never know what you will find. The people on this forum are very nice and knowledgeable so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Someone on here will have the answer. HH Jack from NH

Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: TerraDigger
Date: August 24, 2011 05:27AM
Go with Joe Dirt's recommenation. Its the right way to do it. And carry a little towel to put the dirt on when your digging. Pour dirt back in hole. Stomp the plug back in a few times, so it doesn't come loose from lawnmowers. And no one will know you ever dug a hole there.
And we are proud of you for asking the about the proper way to dig. Wish everyone thats new would ask that question. We wouldn't be getting banned if some folks learned the proper ways to dig.

Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: oldranger
Date: August 24, 2011 08:28AM
I gotta agree with all the comments altho
i find a small sccop ( like the other one i have
for the dogs mess) is a good palce to put
extar dirt you can just dump it right back in
the hole .. you can also use a small plastic
dust pan


Rangers Lead The Way :usaflag::usaa:

Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: codydog50
Date: August 24, 2011 09:56AM
Welcome to this great hobby! I agree with all of the comments, we all have seen where a uninformed detectorist has left a mess. something I learned planting trees for over thirty years "Green side up"
same thing for a plug! seeking out the answers to your questions shows that you are going to do the right thing Good luck!...Now go find some goodies!:detecting:..HH..C-Dog


Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: hershey1
Date: August 24, 2011 12:38PM
What all the above said. Thanks for asking that question. Welcome and HH :minelab:

Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: watchdr
Date: August 24, 2011 07:13PM
Hey, thanks so much all of you. I didn't think it would be a difficult thing and pretty much was right on how I thought to do it.

No one mentioned carrying a some water along to lightly water the grass around where you dig. Is this not needed if the grass is watered regularly? My main concern is a few days after I leave the area. I don't want to have a three sided dead spot where I dug.

Really a big thank you for the beach answer. I had not thought about that. I may have figured it out once out there. In my mind I was thinking the sand would fill right back in once it was walked over but I guess that depends on how big of a hole is made.

One more thing, is it normally ok to MD in city parks unless they are posted against such activities? If I need to contact someone about permission what agency do I need to contact?

Can't wait to get out there but I will wait to hear back from everyone on this forum.

Thanks again,

Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: TerraDigger
Date: August 24, 2011 11:08PM
The water question is good.
Anyone here actually do that on drier lawns....and does it really work? Like go back a few days later to verify it. Because if it does really work, I will dig in drier ground on a small experimental basis, to see it works in my neck of the woods.. Normally I just put off searching drier lawns until they have adequate moisture so as not to kill grass.
And how much water in cups do you use per plug?

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Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: jackintexas
Date: August 25, 2011 01:20AM
I believe if you start learning to dig plugs. First dig some plugs in your own lawn. That way I believe you would learn the fastest.....Jack

Re: Digging a plug
Posted by: khouse
Date: August 25, 2011 07:47AM
Here is some methods used that is the least harmful to the grass.

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