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Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 17, 2017 07:47AM
I can't believe it ! In my last post I used the words A.T. pro. 8. Times , no! I'm really not working for Garrett . lol after looking back at all my post , my wife said l need to start giving the guys version on my post , ouch ! Most of you guys just give a few barks and your point is made . I'll work on that .

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: Russ88
Date: March 17, 2017 08:12PM
Hello Waterhound....Thank you very much for your updates of the past two days regarding the ATPro vs MXSport....I am now leaning heavily toward the ATPro to complement my Etrac. The purpose is a second detector to be used by myself and my wife and for water detecting. I have considered the ATGold also but I understand it is not recommended for salt water. My understanding is there is a strong possibility that a new ATpro is coming out this year anytime between now and the end of the year. I have called Garrett directly and spoke with one of the staff on this. It will be an addition to not a replacement for the ATPro. My question for you waterhound is why you may prefer the ATGold over the ATPro....Just wondering your thought process here....I really liked the fact you shared your thoughts on both detectors both pros and cons....That is very helpful. In a sense I think I like the simple turn and go style you mentioned and the clear tones and ID with the ATPro. I know someone that had a CTX3030 to complement his ATPro....He sold his CTX recently and is now strictly using his ATPro. Now do I wait for the new ATpro or just buy the existing one. I will probably wait a month for improved weather and see if anything develops....But I am pretty sure I will just buy the existing ATPro and just go with it....I hope you are able to respond back with your wife's approval of course!....


Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 17, 2017 11:04PM
Russ 88 thanks for responding back , the reason I said I'd pick the AT gold is its more sensitive to gold , and with that more depth for deep lunker mens rings over 10 inches , plus I already have the AT pro the best one , I know a friend who has an AT pro , the gold , and the 30 30 minelab as well and he still likes the PRO the best. A friend of mine has 8 machines , 2 minelab and an MX sport and others , and now he's thinking about an AT gold. It's insane. When I frist got my AT. Pro , he said I could go ahead of him water detecting. he doesn't anymore ! I found more gold rings than he did with his high dollar machines. After that he called me a cherry picking surface hunter . I still had to dig everything. Most targets are within the ATs. Range. And a person can get a bigger coil for a few more inches depth and bottom coverage . l don't know where you're from but summer is a ways off yet. Waiting for the newer model AT pro sounds interesting. Let me know if you find out more, If you're looking for a machine that you and your wife could use , that's water proof , and is easy to learn , a good warranty and company that backs them up completely , and find targets like the high dollar units this is it. I had this machine totally submerged all summer long ,with out a leak , and the AT . Pro's upper half floats a bit. That's nice. I dropped my MX today and it sank to the bottom. I had forgotten to fasten the arm strap. The AT Pro will also run even with ice on it. I don't recommend that but if you're a winter hunter it can happen. I've been hunting parking lot snow piles with my MX sport , but its so sensitive ,it gets 4 to 6 inches with sensitivity turned all the way off ,and that's not good in frozen ground. I can't dig that deep , so I am going to bring my AT pro back to work. I have heard of detectorist bringing high dollar machines back and wanting their ATs back , and it will find small gold earrings, it has 6 modes ,two tones and iron grunt , I put my MX on 20 tones and it's a fruity carnival. Keep it simple so you can share it with others and still find nice treasures . waterhound

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 17, 2017 11:53PM
Russ 88 I use a stainless steel water scoop medium size , and a long wood handle , it floats , the metal handles are short and sink , a long wood handle can be used to push your self away from deep holes as well , having a extra scoop is a good idea , I've had one or to break and get caught in the bottom ,used the extra one to retrieve the other , When I first started water hunting I got the biggest ,widest scoop , it got heavy, in time I learned to retrieve targets with the smaller one ,6 to 8 inches wide , all this would help if you go deeper than your waist.

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 18, 2017 12:22AM
Thinking more about your question ,I got the sport for water hunting and it was sensitive to gold targets , but if I had the choice again I'd pick the AT gold ,for gold sensitivity , but over all , that AT pro takes the prize , its a sweetie , I did paint the tip of the coil with more yellow to see it better in deep murky water .

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 18, 2017 08:48AM
Bells and whistles , bah humbug ! The minelab 30 30. Has GPS , what's next , it will have music ,or talk to a person , these high dollar companys know americans are spoiled and are not satisfied , I'm not going to end up with 8 detectors , a back up detector I like , in case one breaks down or I want to take a family member or friend , Thank God ! I made 950.00 in gold and around 800. 00. In clad that paid for one detector and gas . all with the AT . a 600.00 dollar machine , thanks Garrett

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 18, 2017 12:42PM
I do believe that a detectorist that buys a machine that has a harder learning curve , and no one to help them can get frustrated and want to sell it, like I almost did with my sport , and specific machines for differnt treasure hunting , that's all good , But what I see is a lot of over kill in technology but I'm happy with ATs 3 pro modes , or MX sports coin and jewelry or prospecting mode , because I have seen what they can find , and theirs the cost of pinpointers. batteries , scoops , diggers , waders , wet suits , coil covers , clothing , diamond testers , scales , treasure mag subscriptions , gas , state park passes , pit bull mace , flash lights for early morning hunts to beat the crowds , and late night cooler park hunts , there is a lot of money in this hobby than just the price of the detector , but once these things are purchased ,its all profit from their , if a detectorist puts the time in , slows down a bit ,uses grid work , and hunts for good sites , they will soon be sending pictures of their finds to buddy's . these are more reasons why I like the price of the AT pro .

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 18, 2017 01:01PM
No wonder there is beep and dig talk forum , lol

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: Tahts-a-dats-ago
Date: March 18, 2017 02:17PM
I have not used the AT Pro but a friend does and she has had quite a lot of success with her machine. My own take (on the AT Pro) is that the screen is much too small for my aging eyes.

For salt water hunting (in the water or the wet sand) neither the AT Pro or the MX Sport would be my first choice. They just aren't designed to be salt water machines. I do live close to salt water beaches (30 minute drive when the shoobies are home and less than 15 minute drive to the bay) - I bought a dedicated salt water machine for those times I hunt in salt water.

For all but salt water hunting, I think both machines will get the job done. Which machine is best, for you, will depend upon you and your likes/dislikes. I chose the MX Sport because my research led me to that machine and I'm a fan of Whites machines. For me the decision was simple: the MX Sport is an extremely capable machine and the learning curve (as a Whites user) is all but non-existent. Your mileage may/will vary.

The MX Sport has 7 search modes:

All Metal
Coins & Jewelry
Pin Point

The MX Sport has 5 options for tones:

Single tone
2 tone
4 tone
8 tone
20 tone

The MX Sport can be a simple turn on and go machine, or it can be a tweak the settings for the best possible results machine. It is not a complicated machine.

For a great in-depth review of the MX Sport: MX Sport in-depth review

MX Sport User's Guide: User's Guide

Video showing the MX Sport's ability in iron:

Video showing the MS Sport in use:

Video of MX Sport in relic mode:

Video of MX Sport hunting in trash:

Video comparing AT Pro and MX Sport:

The videos are not mine

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: March 18, 2017 04:24PM
WaterHound--Thanks for your indepth reporting---real world.

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 18, 2017 10:08PM
I think he wanted information from someone who had both machines , the MX does have a bigger screen and it lights up ! It also has more options than a cell phone company , and is more powerful than a locomotive , I own one ! But its not more wife or new user friendly than the AT pro . screens are nice and part of the fun of using the detector , but not as important as tones are , here's an example , on my MX sport the display panel or screen the word gold will appear ! But only in the foil range , so if l just dug only when the gold word would appear I would miss every larger gold ring all the way up to silver , and we all know that the gold range is as wide as a whale, so tones become more important as a detectorist progresses , I got tired staring at the panel . when I first got my AT a 30 year veteran detectorist told me to cover my screen with tape , he said in time I would use sound more than ID he was right , from using both detectors a good while I've found the MX screen panel to be bigger , but the AT pros tones are clearer and its ID is spot on most of the time , I dig everything that sound good and some deep iffy tones as well , I like my MX sport , and in some circumstances its a better machine , but not all of them , good luck Russ 88 in whatever you choose . your friend waterhound

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: Tahts-a-dats-ago
Date: March 19, 2017 12:25AM
I should have mentioned the fact that I do own a MX Sport. I also own a MX5, a BH 300, a V3i, a Compadre, and a Euro Tek Pro (the latter is actually my wife's machine).

Of them all the Compadre is far and away the most simple (to use) machine. After that I'd say that the others (that I own) are tied for ease of use; with the exception of the V3i (which isn't difficult to use - unless you wish to make it more complicated).

I do not know if the AT Pro is an easy machine (to learn/use) or not, but I do know that the MX Sport is easy to learn/use. The purpose of my post (earlier in this thread) was to express the fact that the MX Sport is easy to learn/use and to provide those considering that machine with information that they might consider relevant. I am not demeaning the AT Pro in any manner: I'm sure that it is an excellent machine; it just isn't the machine for me. I didn't care much for the Etrac or the CTX 3030 (had both and sold both) but that doesn't imply that either machine is unworthy of consideration - far too many users love them and make fantastic finds with them.

Screens can be useful for reasons other than staring at VDI numbers. Setting the machine up is one example; for me the screen on the AT Pro is too difficult to see - be that for setting it up, or for reading the VDI numbers. I do rely upon tones far more than VDI numbers, but the numbers exist to give the user more information and I do take that into account when I'm using a machine that has VDI numbers.

I have listened to the tones on the AT Pro. I can't say if they're better, or worse, than the tones on the MX Sport; they're just different. I would chalk that up to the fact that I am accustomed to the tones on my machines. I do find digital tones to be less desirable than are analog tones but that is just a matter of personal preferences.

The flashing "gold" (on the MX Sport) is nothing more than an indication of what the target could be. Just as the VDI numbers - or tones - on a machine gives users an idea of what the target might be. That applies to the AT Pro as well - its VDI numbers/tones give the user an idea of what the target might be and that number has a corresponding chart that shows where gold might be on the VDI scale. I believe manufacturers put possible target identifiers on the screen as a means of helping a new user understand where the VDI numbers tend to fall - something that isn't necessary for those who have learned their machine and know its VDI numbers.

I do suggest that people go swing different machines, prior to purchasing a machine, whenever possible. It is likely that they'll find one machine that just fits them better - for whatever reason.

I am not trying to convince anyone to buy one machine or another. What works for me may not work for another person, and vice-versa. Since I'm not getting paid, no matter which machine someone chooses, my interest lies only in providing information by way of trying to answer people's questions to the best of my ability. If they choose the AT Pro - so be it, and I wish them much luck in their endeavors. If they choose the Sport - so be it, and I wish them much luck in their endeavors. And if they choose some other machine - so be it, and I wish them much luck in their endeavors.

BTW - I can't see the screen (at all) on my Compadre; not even with my glasses on and a magnifying glass. I can't even read the writing (unless I'm wearing my glasses) around the lone knob, but I can hear that sweet tone when it goes over a good target. I'm not knocking the Compadre (despite its horrible screen) - in fact I love that machine and gladly recommend it to all who ask about it.


(The Compadre does NOT have a screen - my comment about not seeing its screen was meant both as a joke and a means of highlighting the fact that I am not badmouthing the AT Pro when I mention the fact that I don't care for its screen)

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: Russ88
Date: March 19, 2017 02:11AM
Waterhound and Tahts-a-dats-ago......Russ88 responding.... thanks again for the frank talk on both detectors. It is certainly refreshing to hear some good viewpoints that give some good advice of what to expect in both detectors. I failed to mention I do have a Vaquero also along with my ETRAC.....My hope is after picking up the ATPro (most likely)....that I can sell one of them (most likely the Vaquero) even though I do really like both for different reasons. My wife and I discussed the threads yesterday and she mentioned maybe we should sell both of what we have and buy both the ATPro and the MXSport.....That would be very interesting! I too was turned off by no backlight and small VDI screen of the ATPro sometime ago (because I do night hunt sometimes), but now I am trying to overlook those flaws and look at the ease of use type of detector that can also serve in the water category....certainly both MXSPort and ATPro qualify. I did stop at a sporting goods store yesterday by chance and I came upon those waders and boots and as Waterhound mentioned there is more expense than just the detector. Of course my thoughts then became more aware of the cost and "do I really want to get in the water?" I guess I do because I believe there is more opportunities there but it certainly requires more diligence and work to get there and do water detecting. Have not watched Tahts videos yet, but I will. If I go with the MXSport I know I have to get the 950 concentric coil which adds to the cost. Where as the ATPro would be about $250 cheaper even with the additional cost of water headphones. So that money can be used for the waders and boots along with other scoops etc. The weather here in the upper Midwest will hinder things for a bit for water detecting, so I am not in a rush to step up to the plate yet. It just would be great if the new ATPro came out (now) that was a little stronger (like the MXSport) and had a back light along with a bigger display. I think there would be a crazy wave of buying activity for that new ATPro if that happened. This would come from both new and existing users at an incredible pace!

It should be interesting to say the least, but I am content to wait just a bit and get organized. I am contemplating buying a pair of Killer Bees headphones for my Etrac in the meantime.

Blessings to you both.....Again thanks again for your incredible in depth thoughts.....It is most appreciated....yes there is a preference that will differ from person to person. There is no real perfect detector that will please everyone.


Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: March 19, 2017 08:01AM
Tahts_a_days_ago , forgive me , I'm a little touchy , from the whipping I got from whites users a few forums back , after giving what I thought was a honest review of the MX. A detector I do use and like . your information will be very helpful . Russ 88 I do find a lot more gold and silver in the water , jewelry heaven ! And in summer a bathing suit works , and water shoes , its so refreshing to hit the water in the hot days of summer with a detector , when its really hot I just go deeper , summer time land hunting can be a scorcher !but watch out for kids with snorkels and fins fallowing you asking , are you looking for treasure mister ? Its to much fun staying cool and , and shaking out your scoop and finding a big fat gold diamond ring . sea gulls crying because you and your wife found all the gold , the smell of salt or fresh water, sun tan lotion , waves crashing , its an escape , like being a kid again , but this time real treasure can be found , I save the hot park hunting for spring and fall , hope to see you at the beach this summer , you sea puppy's splash splash ding ding . _

Re: AT Pro vs. Whites MXSport
Posted by: Tahts-a-dats-ago
Date: March 19, 2017 12:12PM
Tahts_a_days_ago , forgive me , ..

There's nothing to forgive WaterHound. You've done nothing to me. As far as I can see, you've given your insight on machines that you own and use. I believe that is a good thing and commend you for doing so. I hope you will continue doing so.

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