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Hand digger
Posted by: Herb Jones
Date: June 22, 2017 04:22PM
i found this for sale, and thought id give it a try. it's now my favorite. i prefer it to the Lesche. i think its made by wilcox "garden trowel" 14" long for plenty of leverage. only cost $20. my digs have been easy with all the rain this spring, soi cant attest to how it works in dried out earth, just thoight id share in case anyone was struggling with the price of the Lesche. this works just fine if any of you are in the market.

Re: Hand digger
Posted by: REVIER
Date: June 22, 2017 05:45PM
I got one for less than $10 from a dealer that was getting out of the business.
Thought it might scoop out the deeper dirt faster than my Lesche.
In my soil it works fine if the soil is very damp or wet, if it is dry the tip won't pierce most of my dirt.
I will grind it down to a sharp pointy tip one day and see if that helps.

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Re: Hand digger
Posted by: Herb Jones
Date: June 22, 2017 06:30PM
yeah i suspect it wont be great in very dry earth, but in normal yo damp
soil it really dies a cery nice job of clearing out a deep plug.

Re: Hand digger
Posted by: CopyTech99
Date: June 23, 2017 07:55AM
Looks like a 102. Nice trowel !!! I extended slightly the handle with dowel, and have a golf ball secured at the very top.

Have a 202 made up the same way for and old schoolyard I hunt.

The 102s front edge is worn from many, many recoveries.

Re: Hand digger
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: June 23, 2017 09:17AM
Its very long and heavy making tough to carry....won't work well in dry dirt but does the job of cleaning out a hole superior to diggers with a thin sharp front...

Re: Hand digger
Posted by: Doc Holliday
Date: June 23, 2017 11:46AM
Absolute necessity, I've got one in my dig bucket...for dry earth I use the trowel tool with the spike to bust it up...

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