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NEL Snake Coil on the beach ? .....
Posted by: synthnut
Date: June 26, 2017 06:26AM
Hi guys ,

I hunt saltwater beaches both wet and dry sand ......I'm not going to bring up the argument about the AT Pro in saltwater ....I'm very familiar with how it acts around MY area of saltwater ....My question is this .....Why does NEL state that the Snake is the best coil for beaches ..... Since a lot of targets go DEEP in the sand on the beach , and the Snake is not their deepest coil ,so what would be the benefit of this coil on a beach ? ......They don't cover a lot of ground , so the only thing that I can think of on the beach is the trash separation ......So you guys that hunt the beach or have hunted the beach with an NEL Snake coil , please give me the skinny on how it reacts on the beach that makes is so good ....Thanks for your time ....Jim

Re: NEL Snake Coil on the beach ? .....
Posted by: Electricfrontporch
Date: June 26, 2017 10:09AM
The smaller coils can usually run at higher sensitivity on single frequency machines in the salt.
The smaller coil "sees" less ground so isn't as affected by the salt conditions.

As an example a friend and I have the compadres, mine with the 5.75 and his the 8.
When comparing them in the wet sand the disc has to be turned up higher with the 8" coil to get it to be stable.

Mostly comes down to how much chatter/falsing you can tolerate.

Re: NEL Snake Coil on the beach ? .....
Posted by: synthnut
Date: June 26, 2017 03:42PM
I figured something like that .....Less area on the coil to pickup targets , less noise from falsing from junk targets .....Probably better reaction times too because of less targets to react to ..... All my coils that I used on various machines went deeper in dry sand than in dirt as the sand was not as dense to have to see thru ..... I wonder how deep this NEL Snake coil can go in dry sand ? ......Thanks for your insight ....Much appreciated ....Jim

BTW ...The smaller coils will also run at higher sensitivity for the reasons you give .....Sure wish one of these companies would come up with a light weight multi freq. machine, that is waterproof , for reasonable $$$ ....... My hunting buddy says I got a better chance of seeing a well run government !!...:o

Re: NEL Snake Coil on the beach ? .....
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: June 26, 2017 06:27PM
Your buddy is 100% right Jim!:smile:

Re: NEL Snake Coil on the beach ? .....
Posted by: njredneck
Date: June 26, 2017 08:20PM
There are many excellent detectors out there that all have the same problem. They detect metal very well, but the machines don't like water. The manufacturers know how to seal up the detectors and make them waterproof, but they don't want to do it. There is a huge market for this product. Manufacturers, take one of your great detectors, seal it up and sell it for a reasonable price. You have smart people working for your design and engineering departments, put them to work and make what your customers are asking for. I'd buy one. You will make a lot of money.

Re: NEL Snake Coil on the beach ? .....
Posted by: WV62
Date: June 27, 2017 07:46AM
The NEL snake on my Fisher F75 air tested (just about the same as dry sand) on a silver dime at 7.5" DE processor and 8.5" using the BP (boost) processor.

They don't seem to run all that deep to me. So it could be like fishing with not bait, a nice quite walk on the beach.

Ron in WV

Worked and lived in the Huntington West Virginia area all my life, retired 2010
US Air Force Vietnam Veteran (68-69 & 70-71)
Started getting into metal detecting around 1975

Re: NEL Snake Coil on the beach ? .....
Posted by: synthnut
Date: June 27, 2017 02:56PM
I'm beginning to see that perhaps the Snake coil is better as a tot lot or for area's where you have to get close to tree's or rocks or ? ........ 7.5 to 8.5 inches on a silver dime really doesn't cut it at the beach, especially in the dry sand ...... My little Vaquero with a 5.75 Widescan coil can hit that ....Heck , maybe I'll just stick a big ole coil on the Vaquero ...LOL !!.... Looks like I'll have to just stick to my heavier multi freq. machines for the beach, and just remember to always have my slings packed !! ..... I own or have operated quite a few different machines , and while some saltwater beaches are not as bad mineral wise , there is really no single frequency machine that can hold a candle to ANY of the multi freq. machines when it comes to dealing with mineralization .... As far as light weight machines on the beach you are limited to P.I. machines , at the little or no discrimination ..... Like Ron says ....No sense in fishing with no bait !!.... A quiet walk is nice , but a quiet walk with a gold ring in my pouch is ever nicer :) .....Thanks for your input guys .....JIm

D&P-OR ......Yeah , he is right !!...LOL !!

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