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Might be worth watching
Posted by: Architex
Date: August 16, 2017 05:46PM
Give this guy a try if you haven't. If you're short on time start at about 18:50

The real treasure is in the marketing.

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Re: Might be worth watching
Posted by: dfmike
Date: August 16, 2017 07:04PM
Interesting. Long winded a bit (putting it lightly). In the famous words of Monty Python I kept hearing "Get on with it !!!" in my head.

His Minelab imitation is priceless (13:00). Anyone who has or has had a Minelab can relate.

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Re: Might be worth watching
Posted by: mrwilburino
Date: August 16, 2017 09:21PM
He slams the CTX, he rips the Deus, then he tells everyone to "stop judging people by the machine They have."

People who live in glass houses........ shouldn't make videos.

Fisher Teknetics XP Minelab

Re: Might be worth watching
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: August 16, 2017 10:09PM
metal detecting philosophy 101 is in session. I like the part where he says in the hands of a master . Seems like hes saying a master could take a crooked stick and find a 8 inch merc .. didn't watch the whole video though.

Crooked stick.....
Posted by: vlad
Date: August 19, 2017 08:02PM could mount a loop & housing on a tree limb I think :bouncy:

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