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New Detector offerings.
Posted by: fowlercharles
Date: September 25, 2017 10:08PM
Hi everyone, I'm just a bit curious , but not so much to have really gone to any trouble to study on it, so I will just ask! Do all the newest offerings of detectors have what seem to me to be some gosh awful big , and even bigger coils? And, are they DD's mostly , or Concentric , and are there any interchangeable smaller coils offered? Much is being done to lessen the weight of machines now days but unless a digger can occasionally go to a smaller coil for a break from the weight, I doubt most older, experienced folks would ever consider those large coil machines. Most all the old hands know there is a massive amount of difference between swinging a big coil as opposed to swinging a smaller one. LOL, Oh, to be young and full of it again! Maybe the newer tech does make the larger coils more useable in trashy iron places but I have serious doubts about that! That's just some of my thoughts folks and I'll have to ask your pardon for my not paying attention, or I would know more about this situation! Thanks everyone, and HH, Charlie

Re: New Detector offerings.
Posted by: Flintstone
Date: September 26, 2017 10:46AM
I think they put bigger coils so they can claim more depth. If they sold a detector with a 6" coil and said it would get 5"or 6" depth not many people would like that. With a 12" coil they can say 12" to 14" depth. Just my thinking. flintstone

Re: New Detector offerings.
Posted by: enderman
Date: September 26, 2017 10:59AM
It depends.

Example with the Deus reactivity and Frequnecy options, you can hunt in trashier areas where a "regular" large coil would be congested. Just pop it into a sifter mode.

I use 11" Deus coil all the time in heavy trash. While a smaller coil might be a little easier, it's not going to see much more, plus with the 11" you can crank up the depth again when the trash targets start to thin out.

Deus coils are DD. DD coils have broom shaped search pattern, so using a "longer" 11" coil in trash isn't as bad as it seems. The field won't be much wider then the 9" relatively speaking compared to the length.

The reason why most stock coils are around 11" now is because a DD coil is a little shallower then the concentric coils traditionally used. So you need 11" DD to get the depth of a 9" concentric.
The trend has moved to DD because they cover a bigger area and have a narrow, broom like search field. Easier to work the trash with the brush like field of a DD, easier to cover ground at depth because the field is long and not as pointy at the bottom. (Front to back)

Re: New Detector offerings.
Posted by: fowlercharles
Date: September 26, 2017 09:36PM
Thanks Guys for your replies. Good info on the Deus. I'm not unfamiliar with DD's, having bought one for my Tejon and while using it found a really sweet War of 1812 button on the home site of a soldier that went to New Orleans with Andrew Jackson. Three of us had hammered the small area where I finally found that button with the 10x5..I had used the 9X8 and a 5.75 Con . on the Tejon but the 10 X 5 practically screamed when I passed over it. It was no more than 5" deep, but in some really trashy ground. I agree right on with flintstone's thoughts about them keeping folks thoughts on depth. That sells machines ! Always has! I just wondered If they had reached the point yet where one coil does it all. I still have serious doubts about that and feel there will always be certain coils for certain digs! Less weight is just more fun so I naturally wondered where are the smaller coils on these new machines. I was really surprised when walking the woods with my 9X8 and pulled the coil cover off . Made a big difference in my mind and it put some much needed pep in his old mans step! Thanks again y'all and HH!! Charlie

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