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Re: Do You Also Search/Dig Pennies When Out Metal Detecting?:shrug:
Posted by: TC-NM
Date: November 09, 2017 11:14AM
This may sound kinda of crazy to you guys, but digging zinc pennies (specifically), I snagged gold rings... 3 to be exact! One heavy ladies white gold w/diamond; thin ladies yellow gold band w/diamond and another ladies white and gold ring w/cross motif. The VDI ranges from 45 to 49. Men's rings on the other hand (heavy gold bands) fall in at 53-55 on the VDI. So I'm really looking out for the those numbers.

Sure I hate digging zincs as much as you but on the flip-side, I'm rewarded with the gold too! Now a day's, copper pennies are harder to come by.


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Do I Dig Pennies When Out Metal Detecting?:shrug:
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: November 09, 2017 04:14PM
What Tom in CA said. The exception to that is when I'm finding nothing at all, then I dig them out of desperation.

Good advise from Tom.

I will usually dig copper pennies. But overall for me, it really depends on where I'm hunting and if I'm finding anything. When arriving at a site, I do like to get familiar with common objects to be found and where they are reading on my TID/Audio. I've been doing this long enough that removing a cent, whether zinc or copper, is a quick process. Still, when I'm trying to focus on those deeper targets, bypassing what appears to be obvious junk or shallow targets makes sense.

I do have times when I will section off an area and start removing all targets until they're gone. If you have a favorite area that is promising and has a bit a trash, give this method a shot ON OCCASION. It is interesting to experiment with detectors, coils and settings over a section of ground. I usually mark off an area no bigger than maybe 20' long on any given side and start removing targets. Go up and back, left and right, criss cross, cover in as many directions as is reasonable. If you're using discrimination, keep lowering it as you go.

It's an interesting experiment that has yielded good results for me.


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