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Have you seen the Cold Steel Spetznaz Shovel?
Posted by: vlad
Date: January 09, 2018 01:12AM
Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 7 x 2 inches ; 26.6 ounces
This is one shovel you will not bend; forged medium carbon steel and sharpened. (around $30)

Re: Lesche Mini Sampson 18"
Posted by: WV62
Date: January 09, 2018 10:54AM
Lol. Nice knife though!

They cost somewhere about $10 at Harbor Freight, if you have need for something like that.

After using that one as a digger the edge was in pretty bad shape, it took me forever and 2 days to get the edge back on it. Rambo would be proud. LOL

Ron in WV

Worked and lived in the Huntington West Virginia area all my life, retired 2010
US Air Force Vietnam Veteran (68-69 & 70-71)
Started getting into metal detecting around 1975

Re: Lesche Mini Sampson 18"
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: January 09, 2018 07:03PM
Trowels and pluggers won’t get me anywhere near the depth I need to be. My sites look very good when I go back to check on them...the 31” Sampson actually cuts a cleaner plug than any trowel type thing I’ve used. When you’re digging in “original hard pack dirt” a hand held anything won’t do unless you just like punishment. Digging a 10” hole in hard clay/rock sucks....

Re: Lesche Mini Sampson 18"
Posted by: jim tn
Date: January 09, 2018 09:38PM
Oh, I use a Predator Little Eagle T handle digger myself for hunting woods and fields. In fact, I totally agree they can cut a very nice plug and leave a very neat hole. Leaving a urban spot as neat or neater then you found it with any digging tool is not the real poblem with using shovels of any size. Perception is everything. HH jim tn

Re: Lesche Mini Sampson 18"
Posted by: dfmike
Date: January 10, 2018 09:04AM
MarkCZ, that looks a lot like a slightly modified golf hole cutter without the extraction handle. It would not work around here in the hard packed clay unless one would hammer away at that foot plate. Neat idea in softer material.

I agree with you and Jim. Bringing a any kind of shovel type digging tool in popular public places is asking for trouble and possibly the end of metal detecting in some of these spots. I agree with REVIER that in experienced hands it can do a better finishing job than hand tools but human psychology can't be changed. As soon as someone starts using their feet to shove something with a handle (doesn't matter how small the handle is) in the ground, some people will perceive this as vandalism and eventually complain even if they can't even see where you have dug.

This is a debate that will never end.

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Re: Lesche Mini Sampson 18"
Posted by: pghmole
Date: January 27, 2018 12:16AM
My opinion is no long handle shovels in the park or public property period,I have seen people use them and watch how people look at them with contempt and have seen people tear the place up with them,I have personally asked people to put it away and will not hunt with people who use them! It just makes us look bad regardless of plug quality and should never ever be done and the guys that have given me attitude about it got a visit from a fella with a badge

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Re: Lesche Mini Sampson 18"
Posted by: RichW
Date: January 27, 2018 09:35AM
I totally agree with you

Re: Lesche Mini Sampson 18"
Posted by: stoneshirt
Date: October 01, 2018 02:01PM
WORSE than Shovels,is HUGE Social Groups(more thanTwo),digging and bragging.

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