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An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: Coptician
Date: May 07, 2018 07:12AM
Good morning all. I'm new to this forum. All of my detecting experience has been with Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur. In the low lying Tidewater Virginia area where I hunt, lots of history has been covered by back filling. Iron masking is also a real problem for the machines I've been using. So...I'm looking for a new arsenal that's deeper and better at target separation. Been reading a lot about Fisher's options and I'm considering dropping all my bonus money on an F75 LTD and a CZ21. I'm not an electronics guy, so delving into that stuff is mostly Greek to me. But from what I read, am I correct to assume that the basic platforms of these two machines, and how they are applied to hunting, are very similar? I'd like to pair a capable land and saltwater machine that behave similarly, so that it's not a giant mental leap to move between the two. Kinda like pairing a pistol and a carbine that use the same ammo and magazines. Thoughts?

Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: Ytcoinshooter
Date: May 07, 2018 07:33AM
The F series and CZ series platforms are quite different. I have both of those detectors and for years kept my Sov GT until I recently sold it. I also have a modded Excalibur 2 that I'm not parting with. That said I'd recommend you keep the Excalibur until you can at least try out any CZ model. The CZ 20/21 has long been around and they are capable land hunters as well, just HEAVY on turf, but a real friend in mud & bad weather when just have to detect. I won't say wether the Excalibur or CZ21 is better. That's way too subjective, suffice to say the Excalibur doesnit require more than maybe putting it in auto sense to hunt the salt vs setting up the CZ, ground balancing, dry, wet sand & in the water hunting may each require a GB tweak. The CZ is hefty, built tough and is best off the pole for land and beach hunting, on the pole when you are well into the water as it floats coil down, control box up very naturally when you let go of it in the water. I would recommend a stiffer lower rod and a plugger style shaft lock to improve the feel and eliminate flex. However for turf the F75 is a nobrainer choice and will perform very well in trashy or iron laden sites but you'll need a smaller coil along with the stock 11".
Hope you get many more replies.
Good luck!

Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: Nauti Neil
Date: May 07, 2018 02:15PM
Personally,i doubt you will do any better with a cz21 than you will with an excalibur or sovereign.....i'd stick with those rarther than swap for a detector that will not perform any better.
Land detectors are becoming a difficult choice nowdays as there are so many capable machines out there.The f75 is a great detector and will serve you all depends on what your priority performance features are......depth,seperation etc.

Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: May 07, 2018 11:55PM
Check out the new Minelab Equinox as it seem great in iron for separation and it can be used in the water too, so you only need one detector. I have a 800 Equinox and only had time to use it a little and what I see is great depth and seems to separate the iron real good. First time out and first coin in a well worked area at a school I got a 1908 V nickle in a very trashy area at around 7 inches deep, then a old part of one of the mechanical pencil too that I feel was deeper. Was out on Sunday for a hour or so and got no coins, but a small copper part of some sort about the size of a eraser from a pencil that too was around 7-8 inches deep and had a good sound to it. Most things are reading around 11-14, but see the ones that are a steady 13 have been the good signals.
I too have had a Sovereign since 1996 and have the GT which I never plan on selling as it is the best coin detector I have ever used and it hates iron, but in heave iron it does null too much, so I have to really go slow with it myself. This Equinox 800 I have and the little I have used it is impressive as we are seeing on gold rings and even some gold coins, plus some are getting some nice coins out of well worked area and those with a lot of iron in them.


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Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: Nauti Neil
Date: May 08, 2018 02:40AM
I was going to recommend the equinox from articles i have read,but i would never recommend anything i have'nt used myself.However,now an actual user who seems to be doing really well with his has recommended it,the equinox may be worth a look as it seems to becable to do everything you are looking for really well.

Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: Joedaddy276
Date: May 08, 2018 11:19AM
I recommend it I have maybe 35 hours on it and it's a huge step up from at series imo it can be overwhelming in high trash areas though cause it will beep everything and if you were to get one keep to the presets for a bit! Good luck

Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: vlad
Date: May 08, 2018 05:16PM
LAND/WATER both--Multi Kruezer

Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: BH505Man
Date: May 10, 2018 12:49AM
If you're considering a relic hunting machine that picks through iron infested sites the Teknetics T2 is better at that. The F75 does OK but is set up more for coin shooting.Don't get me wrong, the F75 is good too but it's geared more towards coin shooting as is evident by its wider range on coins vs the T2s' wider iron range.

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Re: An F75 LTD and a CZ-21
Posted by: Willee
Date: May 13, 2018 06:34AM
The F-75 takes a bit of study to get the best performance out of it. It was made as a hot machine for experienced users. It is far from a turn on and hunt kinda machine.
Most all adjustments (and there are plenty) are made thru a menu system.
The Fisher CZ-21 is a dual frequency water machine with analog controls that are simple to adjust. The CZ-21 is a great salt water beach hunter and right on par with the Minelab Excalibur.
The only water detector I would recommend over the CZ-21 would be the new Equinox as it has all the desired features needed for salt water detecting.
that said ... I would be perfectly happy hunting with a CZ-21 anywhere.

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