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Posted by: emubob
Date: July 29, 2018 09:11PM
which works better in strong emi,concentric or dd coils?emubob

Re: emi
Posted by: MarkCZ
Date: July 30, 2018 12:27AM
For me I'd say its more about size than design. The larger the coils the more prone they are to EMI issues because they are, well a bigger antenna.

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Re: emi
Posted by: REVIER
Date: July 30, 2018 07:14AM
I use a very powerful and sensitive F70 which can be pretty chatty on higher settings and I hunt in some very high EMI sites and have not noticed a huge difference between concentrics and DD's.
As stated previously size does matter, larger coils can be noisier than smaller.
Also design does matter, I only used factory coils for years and then got a Nel coil plus eventually a huge Cors coil.
Both the Nel and the Cors state on their website that these coils have better shielding so supposedly quieter and more stable in heavy EMI environments.
I can tell you for a fact this is true and very noticeable after using both coils many times in sites I have hunted dozens of times with factory coils.
I have found a ton of targets with all three of these company's coils but using the two quieter ones can enable me to turn up the settings and make my detector hotter if I choose to do that and hunt in quieter, more stable and less jumpy environments no matter what settings I am using.
I mean quieter environments in my headphones.
The quieter and less noise/chatter I listen to can let me pick out the better signals easier and differentiate between good ones and falsing background noise.

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Re: emi
Posted by: Mkus
Date: August 01, 2018 11:37AM
I know with a Deus the higher the KHZ you run the less EMI the HF coils have little to no EMI effect for me.

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