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Digital Machines with audible threshold you can hunt in?
Posted by: Canewrap
Date: August 11, 2018 10:13AM
I've had a few digital machines (X-terras, AT-Pro, F-75) and they're great if you're hunting a trash littered site for coins and jewelry. But, I'm going to give
relic hunting another try and the secret to success (in my experience on heavily hunted sites) there is mainly being able to hear deep targets (8" to 10") and a lot of times that means being able to
hear a break in threshold, since most VDI machines I've experienced will frequently not even signal
because of the need to break threshold to produce a signal.

Re: Digital Machines with audible threshold you can hunt in?
Posted by: Mega
Date: August 11, 2018 01:05PM
On all my machines either digital or analogue or VLF/Pulse when i am on deep pasture and deep ploughed,as you have mentioned a screen is a total waste of time,audio is king and far more reliable at greater depth,but the audio threshold is the main indicator that i use for the real deep targets.Its critical that i use a decent set of full cup headphones as more than often you can/will miss the very deep whisper signal.

The main detectors that i use for real deep targets are TDI Pro(pulse) with coils upto 20'' mono,Nexus MP and Standard SE both these machines with the coils that i use are low freq coils about 6-7khz and large,also T2 with the BIG NEL coil 17x15,and for really deep and very large items then a Fisher TW-5 twin box is the machine of choice,as these are for greater depth then audio and threshold audio is the only options that you have,but its a proven system and you must be prepared to dig every target if you are after the more desirable finds.

For the most part analogue machines and Pulse are the main technology platforms that i use,as even the odd digital machine that i do use i tend too run them wide open,if you dont and you want those deep targets then AM mode is the only real option,and this is when it critical so that you listen with a decent set of headphones for those very low whisper deep target signal,those are the ones that i am after especially on clean pasture sites,its a different ball game on trashy sites like say roma.saxon,then you are best cleaning the top targets out initially prior to bringing in a large coil machine,as you will run into problems of target nulling,hence the reason if the site is productive of cleaning out the top layer of finds first then using say the TDI pro pulse which suprisingly enough does have a reasonable good form of conductive discrimination,i mainly would use the TDI in low conductivity mode and this reduces the potential risk of digging horrendous amounts of iron,was out on a roman site last week and during the day only dug a few pieces of iron.But what targets i did dig had been very deep and also using mainly just audio threshold.

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