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Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: Texas Jay
Date: August 29, 2018 03:54PM
Here in my hometown of Brownwood in central Texas and the surrounding area, I use our local social media to educate our citizens on all the good things our Central Texas Treasure Club does to help the community. I update them regularly on my most recent finds and on our area's illustrious history so almost everyone here is very friendly to me whenever they see me detecting at a city park, other public area, or on private permission sites. A lot of the older ones and kids approach me as I'm detecting and I always take the time to answer their questions honestly and I make sure to follow the Metal Detecting Code of Ethics wherever I am. I also have things that I never do and stress those "no-nos" to our members.

The main points I stress are: 1) NEVER use a long-handled shovel when detecting out in the public! That gives a horrible impression to everyone who sees you because the first thing they think of is "OMG, those detectorists are tearing up public property that I pay taxes to maintain!" I only use a 3-in-1 digging knife that I've used for the past 35 years. 2) Learn how to pinpoint with your detector so that you don't have to dig a hole the size of a dinner plate to retrieve a penny. 3) Take great care in refilling your holes so that someone standing 3 feet away can't even tell you retrieved a target there. 4) ALWAYS be courteous and remember that each one of us is an ambassador for this hobby. 5) ALWAYS place your dug metal trash into your pouch and dispose of it properly. Don't rebury it or toss it away. 5) When you come across an uncovered hole that was dug and not refilled by an inconsiderate jerk, take time to refill it and clean it up like you do your own. I often come across holes that were originally refilled but which have been dug out again by a squirrel or other animal. I make sure to refill those too because we'll all get blamed for them if we don't.

Curious kids can be our best allies. Whenever I'm hunting a park for an hour or two, I routinely am approached by little kids, many of whom don't know what a metal detector does so they're usually full of questions. The main ones I get are "What are you doing?" or "What are you looking for?" I take time to explain that I'm looking for coins and lost jewelry and metal trash so that I can throw it away so kids and others don't hurt themselves on it. That always satisfies them. Some stick around and watch as you dig a few pieces of trash and hopefully a coin or two. Once their curiosity is satisfied, they'll say "Good luck!", "Hope you find something good." or something similar. Then they get back to playing or doing whatever else they were doing. When they get back to their parents, they educate them on what they learned about treasure hunting and metal detecting and tell them that we remove hazardous metal trash from the playgrounds to keep them safe. Some of them will get hooked on the hobby themselves and will get started off on the right foot, thanks to you.
~Texas Jay
Jay Longley, President, Central Texas Treasure Club

Re: Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: Confetrit
Date: August 29, 2018 07:02PM
Very good points made. It really does pay off to attempt to be mannerful and considerate when possible. Years ago a buddy of mine and I were hunting in the rear of these homes in the woods where we had located a small CW picket camp. We had found some relics atop of this hill. Looking downhill the land flattened out and was separated by a small creek. We figured this was a piece of property behind this one home because it was fairly close to the rear of this one house. A young boy came through the woods to see what we were doing. We introduced ourselves and told the young boy that we were searching for CW relics. The boy stated that he lived in the house directly to our front and close to the creek. The boys father was working on a vehicle in their driveway. We asked the boy if he would mind asking his Dad if he would mind if we hunted down in the flats on this side of the creek. The boy said he would and ran to ask his Dad. A few minutes later the boy returned and said that his Dad said he would rather we not. We said ok and thanked the lad anyway. The boy asked to see some of our finds. We showed him some Minnie' balls that we had found and he was pretty excited. We asked him if he had ever seen any of these and he said no. My buddy and I both gave him a couple of bullets from our pouch. The boy excitedly thanked us and started through the woods back towards his house. We had started gathering our stuff up in preparation to head back to our trucks when we heard the boy yell wait. The boy had run back to show his Dad what we had given him and his Dad told him we could hunt down next to the creek. My buddy found two US box plates right next to the creek. You never know.

Re: Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: Texas Jay
Date: August 29, 2018 10:21PM
Thanks for sharing your story, Confetrit. It really does pay to be considerate and polite when treasure hunting. Besides that, I enjoy being able to teach anyone, about our hobby, who is interested in learning. Metal detecting has a way of giving you the opportunity to open up conversations with and even develop friendships with people who you otherwise would never get to know or meet.
~Texas Jay

Re: lot of Common Sense that many of us need to do
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: August 29, 2018 11:27PM
I agree with what you are saying and always felt this way in the 45 years of detecting. Only use a digging tool and no shovels of any kind even some will say it dig a neater plug, but give a bad impression. I find taking the time to pinpoint save a lot of time and lot less digging. I always pick up the trash too and dump it in my car if there is not a trash container around. I had people see this and ask me if I would try their yards also by being neat.
Kids are always curious and will visit with them a little, but don't want to do too much visiting so the parents don't get upset. Always like to detect in areas without a lot of people around or when they are not around as it make it easier all around. I have seen some detecting school yards while school is going on and that is a quick way to get the yard banned for others, Be considerate where ever you detect and keep this great hobby for generations to come.


Re: Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: Texas Jay
Date: August 30, 2018 02:00AM
I agree with everything you said, Rick. Like you, I just keep going about my detecting whenever people approach me with questions but I take time to make eye contact with them and answer whatever questions they ask. People learn more by watching than by talking anyway. The only schoolyards I detect are ones that closed many years ago or have been converted to administrative offices for the school districts. I only hunt the latter after they are closed for the day so I don't draw unnecessary attention. I also wear a treasure/trash pouch to put all the metal trash I dig and any other small discarded trash that's laying around the areas that I'm detecting. Today, I was hunting on some city-owned lots where houses used to be many years ago and I swear the place was like a junkyard. During the last 30 minutes, my trash pouch must have weighed 10 lbs. or more because it was full of iron and other metal junk. I was about to go to my car and empty the trash into a cardboard box I carry in the trunk for that purpose but I just toughed it out and finished the hunt. The good thing was that I also found some pretty heavy pieces of copper and brass that I save until I get enough to make it worth selling. I sold about $17 worth about two months ago and that will keep my Garrett Ace 250 and MInelab pinpointer running for several months. The Ace only used 4 alkaline AA batteries that I buy at Dollar Tree for $1 for a 4-pack. I get between 12-15 hours on one package. :)
~Texas Jay

Re: Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: Terra1959
Date: September 01, 2018 08:51PM
Great advice
Leading by example & education is the key to a good m.d. future for us all :thumbup:

downunder ... South Australia.

X-Terra70, E-Trac, Excalibur II, CTX3030, Equinox 800

Fisher F-Pulse, Garrett Pro pointer., SITO scoop

Re: Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: stoneshirt
Date: December 05, 2018 09:06AM
Pansy "Pirates"............

Re: Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: December 05, 2018 06:39PM
I was trying to get on a farm that had several Civil war era homes on it. I showed the farmers some finds from the hunting land beside their farm......One of them went and bought a detector and the farm has been locked down ever since...moral of that story is the knife can cut two ways....

Re: Common Sense Ways to Enjoy Metal Detecting More
Posted by: Goldstrike
Date: December 06, 2018 02:02PM
I usually get to go to England to metal detect once every other year. I was detecting a park in England a few years ago and I did not know that 2 park ranger's had been watching me from behind some trees. They approached me while I was filling in a hole (dug by me) and explained that this park as well as all the other City parks were off limits to detecting. They said that they had been "watching me for some time" and thanked me for taking the time to do that and leave the area clean even though they had to ask me to leave. I could have ended up getting a fine or a warning? but because I wasn't a jerk and didn't take that long handled shovel and left crater's, they were ok about it.

You never know who is watching you from a distance and it just is a good habit to pick up and dispose of the trash you dig up even if you think no one is around. Also, I try to be friendly with everyone I come across because you may get approached by someone that can get detecting banned/restricted in any particular area. You never know who you may come across.

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