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Have a great Holiday weekend everyone.
Posted by: Elton
Date: September 02, 2018 09:39AM
Hope everyone had a lot of fun detecting this year. For many of us it's nearing the end.. Just think in the Northern States By October snow can be flying .
Grounds freezing ..and we will be looking forward to the next detecting season.

Gotta' wonder what new products will be on the horizon..????? Will it be something we can't resist buying... ???

While I am at it. I want to thank all our sponsor dealers for the great job they did getting the detectors out to us..and all the questions they answered for us too.
Thanks Guys..Your appreciated.

Looking forward to reading all the winter posts we will all be making..which brings me to this. Thanks everyone for all you contribute to the forum.. Your all a great bunch of people.

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Thanks Brother and back at ya !
Posted by: dirt doctor
Date: September 02, 2018 10:07AM
……..and to all reading ! Be safe and do well harvesting all that treasure !:detecting:

Re: Have a great Holiday weekend everyone.
Posted by: jim tn
Date: September 02, 2018 12:17PM
Same to you El and all forum members. He, eh, detection never stops down here in West Tn. Although, during the summer months we do slow down a tad. Everyone be safe this holiday. HH jim tn

Re: Thanks Brother and back at ya !
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: September 02, 2018 06:03PM
I look forward to the return of cooler weather. Notice I did not say COLD weather. The competition at the beaches slacks off and winter storms move the sand around and sometimes uncovers some nice items. During the winter I spend most of my metal detecting time on the dirt. Again not as many people in the parks, playgrounds and other spots that I dirt fish. And I don't have to carry two gallons of water with me to be able to detect for four or five hours

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