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Posted by: 5900_XL-1
Date: October 09, 2018 05:12PM
I introduced a long time friend to the hobby a while back, and he just doesn't appreciate a producing hunt spot. He always says before the next hunt, "I want to find a new spots."

It is not easy where we both live, to find even decent clad finds, and I took us to the best spots I personally had myself.

Can you spoil a newbie at the beginning? New tectors need confidence and finds when starting, even for plain clad with possible jewelry spots.

Anybody have advice to this situation?

Re: Newbies
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: October 09, 2018 05:22PM
..... Anybody have advice to this situation?

Good topic. This is a bone of contention I have too. You go out of your way to take someone to a spot that's giving up silver coins. And their enthusiasm is "lack-luster". They find a very rare button, and just think "ho hum, only a button". And then they put the machine in the closet, and you never hear from them again. If it were just a sandbox or clad hunt, then .... no problem. But when you see them dig stuff from spots that you busted your b*lls researching, and then never show passion for the concept, then .... that just bites.

I know this might sound snobbish, but this is the reason why a lot of hardcore guys are very selective about who they'll detect with. If there isn't tit-for-tat on researching spots, and shared appreciation for the strategy and sport, then .... a lot of hardcore hunters will not hunt with newbies.

Yeah, that's a "catch-22" for newbies. Because, how are they ever supposed to "break in" (and share spots back with you), if no one ever took them out and helped them learn the ropes, catch the bug, etc... ?

Re: Newbies
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: October 09, 2018 05:41PM
Detecting is not for everyone.----If he/they don't show anymore enthusiasm/zest for the sport than that--you might want to advise them to consider taking up knitting.------As the old saying goes "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make 'em drink"!------We have some fine "newbies" in this great hobby--people that have truly been "bitten" by the detecting bug.-----When you give them your best efforts, it doesn't take long to see which way they are going--"yea or nay".

Re: Newbies
Posted by: 5900_XL-1
Date: October 09, 2018 06:15PM
I use myself as a perfect example. I started detecting in 2010, after being asked to help this friend, to find a lost ring his brother lost playing sand volleyball. I'd owned an old metal detector for years, and stored at home, mother gave it to my brother, who gave it to me. My bro had hunted since the 80s with a beep and dig and had a stack of finds, but he just didn't feel like ever using something "complicating" like the old whites 5900...beep and dig was his thing, but he had a collection of old coins and jewelry after 30 years. I was NOT interested, but took the gift.

Once I got a obtained a battery pack for this old machine to help find this ring, he already found it with help from someone. I seriously worked my own personal yard, for a year(I was shy for public hunting)...I got the bug, and got appreciation for hidden stuff. The rest is personal history.

I am as serious as a heart attack. I found stuff on my home place, interesting but not old, over that year. My first actual coin, took over a week, then the race was on!

Maybe, I would have been the same way if I'd had instant success back then. Makes you think.

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Re: Newbies
Posted by: MassSaltH2O
Date: March 05, 2019 03:34PM
The newbie says, "I want to find new spots." I don't see this as showing disinterest nor a lack of appreciation. I am with him. I wouldn't want to detect someone's old hunted out areas either. That doesn't sound like much fun to me, either, to be honest. Want to instill enthusiasm in a newbie? Secretly bury a lot of silver at a site, and then suggest, Let's try out this new site that I am thinking of. :tongue:

Re: Newbies
Posted by: dfmike
Date: March 05, 2019 04:40PM
I agree with D&P-OR on this. If the newbie shows little interest in finds that make the rest of us salivate, he just doesn't get it and would probably be better off learning on his own if his interest is high enough. At the least, I hope he appreciates your experience in showing him the ropes (so to speak).

I'd challenge him to find that new spot on his own and share it with you. He would soon find that it's not that easy.

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Re: Newbies
Posted by: oneguy
Date: March 05, 2019 10:15PM
I personally have almost exclusively hunted alone...and prefer it that way? I start when I want, quit when I want, move when I want, maybe even knock on a door when I want, etc. Couple years ago when I was coinshooting a local park I was confronted by a nice guy new to detecting. He asked me if I'd care to hookup sometime as he had already lined up several permissions and maybe I could help him hunt those and maybe drop him a few pointers, etc? I told him I know nothing about your machine and probably can't help you much? Also told him I'm pretty good and have good machinery/experience and if I do go out with you I'll most likely take home the bulk of the old coins. Also told him that "if it was me...I'd hunt it first yourself before you have me tag along?" He replied he had no problem with me possibly out hunting him, etc, so I agreed to meet up. We hunted a couple of HIS permissions and I killed it and he didn't....he no longer invites me Bottom line (for me) is going solo nobody gets bent outta shape if the other doesn't do as good, don't have to meet at a certain time, if you want to leave, don't have to constantly check the other guys target for him with a "would you dig this?" etc. One guy wants to eat a burger for lunch...the other wants Mexican.

I enjoy my solitude so to get away from people in general I've quit coin shooting and now enjoy nugget shooting out in the boonies usually by myself although I do buddy up with another at times but he goes his way...I go mine. We compare notes towards the end of the hunt(s)……..

Some people are persistant, patient, and maybe somewhat tenacious? If a person doesn't have at least one of these qualities chances are they'll most likely not take to the hobby?....jmo

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Re: Newbies
Posted by: Nauti Neil
Date: March 06, 2019 05:09AM
I got a friend started by doing what somebody else mentioned......i secretly buried a few items such as old coins and a few artefacts and took him to the spot.He went home over the moon and to this day i haven't told him what i did.His enthusiasm was so great he started asking landowners straight away for permissions for both of us so it was worth the effort......we had some great land to detect together and shared many happy hours digging up history.
The main point is friend was interested in digging up history,not treasure.Most of us go detecting to find items that interest us from a historical perspective and not a monetary one.Yes,we all hope for that amazing find that may be worth a great deal but most of us do it just for the love of it.
So many newcomers to the hobby think that when they go out for the first time they are going to hit the jackpot.When they don't they automatically think that they are in the wrong spot and just can't wait to try somewhere else they think will be better.
After a few different spots and digging up coins and artefacts that would only interest a genuine detectorist they give up because they haven't found something that is worth anything from a monetary perspective.
It's funny,but what is treasure to most of us is just tat to someone else.I get excited when i find a musket ball......who fired it all those years ago and what were they shooting guys get the same feelings digging up minnie balls and buttons from the civil's just awesome to most detectorists.Show them to most people though and its a bit of lead or just an old coat button.
I think many would be detectorists have this mentality,they are only interested in items that will make them better off financially and aren't really that interested in the stories behind the finds most of us make.

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