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Forum changes
Posted by: Elton
Date: October 10, 2018 11:33AM
As you have noticed some changes have been made on the forum. As you will also notice in the near future some other changes will be made too.

This is and always has been a business driven venture forum.Sponsors make this forum possible.

New Forum
Main Comparison forum is for posting comparisons with all brands of detectors.
The former Sponsored name forum has retained the posts of the prior named product that were made in the past.
Since it was the most popular forum of the former sponsor named company, the owner of Finds Treasure Forums in his wisdom did leave all prior posts intact.

Just as he did in the Beep & Dig forum.. You know what I am talking about there.

Some of the Sponsored named sub forums have been completely removed. A necessary event. It could not be helped
You can re-post your prior posts from those forums if you feel it necessary. Using the new Main Comparison forum if a comparison. Or in the Metal Detecting forum.

The Metal Detecting forum is available to anyone who wants to post about metal detecting in general.. You can post using the name of the detector you use ..
.....but keep in mind it is for your current detecting adventures or a good prior adventure.. You can ask questions about the use of any type detector. Or any type detecting accessory for the most part.

Look soon for more changes in Finds Treasure Forum.

In conclusion we feel all will be happy with the results of the changes, and in most instances better for everyone. Our Forum owner is very innovative and is always looking at how to improve Finds Treasure Forums.

Supporter Of FTF Sponsors

" There will be times I express a personal opinion on something"

Re: Forum changes
Posted by: Dancer
Date: October 14, 2018 05:21AM
Got to give credit to Finds for carrying couple (or more) unsponsered forums. Many of us through the years have taken the many tips to the short cuts to better our skills. I'm hoping as a not so teck guy, that one of the new changes would be eliminating to need to resize photos. I'm sure it would generate a great many more photos.

Re: Forum changes
Posted by: Mega
Date: October 14, 2018 06:18AM
Must admit i can in theory see the logic move why some of the changes have happened recently,but this is of course just my opinion,one of the most popular threads like say the MXT one that had years and years of superb information on a machine that is still in production today,this was axed recently as with a few others,of course i am only using this one as a sole example.

Then one looks at some of the other threads on machines that have been out of production for a very long time duration and made by the same company are still active and not deleted,but its very rare that folks post on them,this i cannot fathom out the logic that you delete a thread say like the MXT but keep one say like the DFX one,which basically is dead but still active.

Of course then this brings me onto another question and that is does it give me or other folks incentive too post on the not so used thread because of the fear of being axed,must admit on current high posting machine specific threads then the risk is not really a problem,but if i was to say post on a lesser popular thread like the DFX one,and its deleted sometime in the future then its going too hold back folks posting.

Its a shame i guess,but we have 2 choices,either abstain posting or carry on with the risk of loosing some of the popular active threads.

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