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Cheap AA battery charger
Posted by: Silver Pirate
Date: October 16, 2018 08:02PM
I was in Walmart this afternoon and saw this charger with batteries. Duracell brand. It wasn't priced, so I asked the clerk to scan it. it was $10.99. Wow! Really?? Yeah, I will take it. With a 4-pack of decent AA batteries approaching $5, it was a no-brainer. To top it off, I used $2 in customer reward points that I had. So it was $8.99 for a charger and batteries. Heck of a deal!!

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Re: Cheap AA battery charger
Posted by: Flintstone
Date: October 17, 2018 08:56AM
Hi Silver, I have used rechargeable battery's for about 5 years now. I got a 8 bay charger and 24 battery's and quit buying regular battery's.even if you can get regular battery on sale it is still cheaper to get rechargeable. Walmart has some good seals sometimes. Always good to save some money. flintstone

Re: Cheap AA battery charger
Posted by: Dancer
Date: October 18, 2018 05:11AM
My Infinium uses rechargeable. Haven't bought a battery in 5yrs. I alternate between two sets.

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