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Etrac Vs Safari????
Posted by: dfg4240
Date: November 18, 2018 02:44PM
Quite a few years ago I made a trade for a mint safari with 3 coils Etc etc and like an idiot I sold it.
It was just like new and heavy for the person who had it. I think I traded a light tecnetics and cash for it.

Back then it seemed to me the Safari was not even in the same league as the eTrac but now it seems to be holding strong on resales.

To me back then the eTrac was a safari on a supercharger.
So many different settings etc etc. Some people are selling the eTrac for some ridiculous low price.
IS it just me.
I have a new untested or used Equinox 800 but was thinking of getting the eTrac but seem to have the Safari creeping into my mind.
What is the big difference between the two.

Re: Etrac Vs Safari????
Posted by: u2robert
Date: December 07, 2018 05:49PM
Never had a eTrac but I did an Explorer 2 It was heavy but did find stuff, my nephew has an eTrac and an Equinox 800 he love's the eTrac and said he's keeping the 800 for beach hunting. I also noticed the price of the eTrac and Safari has dropped me thinking a lot of people are ditching the heavier detectors and going with the lighter and newer models.

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