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Re: Left or Right?
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: January 25, 2019 10:10AM
Usually the dominant hand but many use either especially on those long days...certainly a plus if you can...

Re: Left or Right?
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: January 26, 2019 09:14AM
Switch hands every few minutes--gives both sides a workout----brake with my left foot.

Re: Left or Right?
Posted by: surfman
Date: February 02, 2019 05:36PM
I’m right handed but swing with my left. Dig with my right. Pouch on the right as well. Never swing with my right.

Been in the detecting hobby for almost 20 years. Currently using; Minelab CTX3030 w/stock and 6" coils. Teknetics T2+. For beach and water I have two Minelab Excaliburs.

Oldest Copper; 1694 King William&Mary

Oldest Silver; 1792 Half Reale

Gold Coin; 1852 $1.00 (Found with ATPro)

YouTube Channel; surfman1968

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