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winter detecting
Date: January 16, 2005 08:21AM
I here a lot about going out metal detecting in the winter. I guess maybe if you were going to an old site,not too trashy,where if you did dig through the frozen ground the chance it might be a decent find is better. I know where theres this bean field that use to have old houses on it. Where it won't matter if I mess up the ground. What do you take, a spade,a pick,I just got the fever This is {was} my first year a diggin, I don't want to stop yet! I know by just reading a lot of the posts none of you want to quit either! I guess what I'm really just wantin to know is--do you guys & gals detect in the winter? I'd figure though the ground wouldn't be frozen as thick in the brush, under taller grass. Will the cold affect my machine CZ-3D? I imagine the batt. wouldn't last very long though! Well I better go sit and watch some more tv. lol ronboy_45

Re: winter detecting
Date: January 16, 2005 09:17AM
I get out in the winter during warm spells. We have several days each winter where the temp climbs above 50 deg. One day last week it got up into the high 60's but today it's 23 degrees! The weather here in OK goes from one extreme to another.

Re: winter detecting/ well heres my take on it.
Date: January 27, 2005 02:39PM
Last Tuesday got up to 50 so I took an afternoon off.
Only dug 1 quaRTER 1" deep.
Many more were located but deep enough I left them in the ground till spring.
Our ground is frozen within 1" of surface.
I carry a Masons Hammer and Chisel.
But even with those tools the ground is hard as an anvil. Last year I cut a penny in half trying to dig it.
Winter detecting can be fun, but you have to concentrate on surface coins or those lost in the snow cover. Sliding hills for recent drops, snowpiles in malls and shopping areas can however be lucrative. People are likey to lose change fumbling for keys, and jewelry putting on and taking off gloves.
Only you can decide how much cold, and how hard your willing to work to recover items.
As for me I was content to locate, ID and memorise locations on that sliding hill for further investigation come spring thaw.

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