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Military installations?
AJ Howard
Date: January 23, 2005 07:54PM
Has anyone here ever gone metal detecting on a military installation? Are there any laws against it?

Re: Military installations?
Date: January 26, 2005 05:14PM
They are govenment property and would imagine several of the supervisory members do hunt the area, especially in areas of combat courses..Indeed do have their rules and reg's just to be a visitor..I would go thru channels and you may get an in and imagine all of them differ..If old surely would contain silver coins and jewelry...Might be a problem as increased security in these areas since 911 attack...

Re: Military installations?
Date: January 27, 2005 10:31AM
I was pursuing that similar question since there are many man made lakes in my area with lots of old abandoned homesites, and there is a very large military base nearby ie: Is there any law against detecting on Government property? I finally got a response from the Corps of Engineers who replied that there is no law against it but that if you find anything of value you are required to turn it in at the Corps office to hold for the owner to claim. After 120 days then it is up to the Corps Commander as to how it will be disposed of. The finder may request to get it back but there is no guarantee. I never got a respons from the military. However, in the case of a military base where live ammo is expended I can see how they would not allow it. There is an Army post a couple hundred miles from my location whose primary job is to train troops in the use of artillery. They have dozens of ranges where live ammo is used and they are all posted for all unauthorized personnel to keep out or be arrested. An individual commander may be able to give you permission to detect specific areas but I imagine the red tape would be a nightmare?

Re: Military installations?
Date: February 02, 2005 06:29AM
It is Technically illegal to detect on a military installation.
When I was a member of the Northern Utah metal detecting club. We had a vistor from the Park Service and he informed us there was a federal law from the Antiquitie's act that covered a lot of federal land and part of that was Park Service and Department of Defense Land.
Saying that.. I know that I had a good friend who did metal detect on the nearby Air Force Base and no one said anything to him.
Active Duty Military member..

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