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Gold/ all purpose detector????
Date: January 29, 2005 12:50AM
I know you have heard this question a million times,so I apologize for the repatition. I have been a coin/relic hunter in Central Oregon for over four years and these forums were agreat research tool when I was looking for my first new coin/relic machine I chose the White's IDX PRO based on alot of feedback from these forum's I have been very happy with that purchase its a real coin picker. My wife has deceided that she enjoys MD'ing too, so my next machine will have to be a GOLD/All purpose machine so that we can hunt our local parks, fresh water beaches together.
I have done a fair amount of research and I think I have narrowed my choices down to a few machines Lobo ST, MXT, Tejon, Infinium LS. I cant afford one of the Highend pulse machines but I would save a little longer for a highend all purpose machine (DFX, Explorer II, etc..) if they will perform in Oregon's northeastern gold area's as well as they coin/relic hunt.
With all that said my question is what machines do you guys use and WHY do you like your particular machine. Any feedback on any of these or any other machines would be greatly welcomed, thanks in advance Shawn

Re: Gold/ all purpose detector????
Tom B
Date: January 30, 2005 08:34AM
Here is my experience and two-bit advice on the machines that you have listed. The IDX Pro that you have been using is better at coins than all of the ones on your list except for the EX II and the DFX.
The LST is a great nugget detector and it will find coins, but it not the best coin shooter due to masking. It does have a great trac system and would do great in the OR soil. Be sure to give warnings before you turn it on. I have attracted preditors in the animal world just by turning the LST on.
The MXT would be at the top of my list as far as a do it all machine goes. It gives you alot of information about ground conditions, target information, but on sites with alot of trash, the IDX Pro will spank it on coins due to masking.
Infinium land and sea is a great gold detector, it has proven itself in the gold fields, but it will drive you crazy at parks and school yards.
Tejon I can't say much about, I have never used one.
DFX is a great coin and jewerly detector, it has a fast target id, and you can make adjustments until you are tired of doing it. but it is worth the time invested in learning the curve. With with all of the praise it is not a great nugget detector.
Explorer II is another great machine, it can handle real bad ground on land or salt water beaches. It goes deep, but you have to learn to slow you sweep speed down. Most problems with high end detectors are operator error. The EX II is great on coins and jewerly, but it is not a nugget machine.
Some day they will build a machine that has a switch so you can switch between VLF and PI, the ultimate coin, jewerly, and gold detector, but for now we are forced to buy more than one. Thats ok because I like using different machines, but I have never found one that would do it all. Hope this helps, it just one opinion of many out there. Good Luck. TB

Re: Gold/ all purpose detector????
Date: February 01, 2005 09:39PM
hey shawn, if you have the money get and Explorer 2, quattro or sov. elite, any of these machines will out perform most out there and you can even detect at the beach. good luck

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