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A first for me and maybe worth $$$ (a must see)!!!
John in FL
Date: January 30, 2005 10:13PM
I dug this at a colonial site I've been working. Its a badge of some kind. Its hard to see in the pictures but it has two holes (one in each wing) in it, I'm assuming to maybe run a needle of some kind threw to attach it to your shirt/coat or maybe the two holes are to hang something down from it like another metal object (maybe its part of a medal). Anyway, I'm hoping someone here has found one or something like it and can shed some light on what it is. Please help! Anything is welcomed even guesses. ALso, whats the best way to clean it.

If it is copper........
Dan MI
Date: January 31, 2005 08:33AM
I have recently been experimenting to find a way to clean items all crusted over like that. I have learned that if you take a propane torch to the item and heat it the crust will turn from whatever color it is to black and then to light brown when hot enough. Then just drop it in cold water. Once cool wipe it dry and you can easily scrape the crud off with the pointed tip of a bamboo barbeque skewer. You may find you need more than one heat application for tough areas but this method does work. Try it first on a couple of corroded copper pennies to get the feel of it.
I tested it on a few pennies that were not even identifiable as to the type much less the date. It cleaned them enough to ID and get the date. This method doesn't damage the item but if the corrosion has eaten into the metal, it will be removed leaving pits.

Re: Man you know who's gonna get upset!
Date: February 04, 2005 04:21PM
Must be from a loggin camp. Come on guys when is the last time anyone posted one of these on here.

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