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I thought I found it all until now (you must see this)!!!
John in FL
Date: February 02, 2005 01:28PM
This was found in a old fisherman's yard where I've found a lot of colonial stuff from around the 1750's. At first I almost discarded it as junk them I got it home and cleaned it up and noticed the top of it looked to be decorated (almost like a elephant trunk, look at it close and you'll see what I mean). The pictures I took doesn't do it justice (I have a cheap scanner) but if you could handle it like me you would know its some kinda colonial artifact. I know it could use a cleaning for more detail but I read a post on this very forum that if you think its valuable not to clean it so I dare not clean it. Anyway, what do you think it is? How would I go about cleaning it (read use no chemicals)? My guess is some kinda of snuff tooter. Anything on this is welcomed even guesses!
HH and I look forward to your reply!

Re:I hope treasurDiver don't get jealous of this stuff
Date: February 04, 2005 04:18PM
I've been detecting for over 20 years and never found any of this Atocha stuff. Ain't nobody going to jump on my site and show me up.

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