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How to return a High School class ring................
Kelley (Texas)
Date: February 05, 2005 05:38PM
Sooner or later, you may find a High School Class Ring. When you do, you can do one of three things, throw it in with the rest of your treasure, or sell it for the scrap gold value, or you can return the ring to it's rightful owner. I recommend trying to return it to it's rightful owner.
A High School Class Ring will have three clues that will help you to locate the owner: the name of the school, year of graduation, and inside the band it will usually have the initials of the owner.
You must first determine where the school is located and if it is not a local school, you can usually locate it by doing a Google search. You then contact the school, give them the year of graduation, and maybe the first and last initial that is engraved inside the ring band. As a rule, they will tell you the name, but they may not tell you where the former student lives.
If the former student is a male, it is easier to locate him. You can use an on-line telephone directory. If the former student is a female, it is a little more difficult because they may be married and thus have a new last name.
Some sources that might be helpful would be the churches in the area, High School reunion organizations, local law enforcement agencies. You should always inform folks why you are trying to locate the former student.
I recently found a ring and located the former student through a local Baptist Church. It was a little difficult because the former student was a female, had a new last name, unlisted telephone number, the mother had remarried and had a new last name, and she also had an unlisted number. I was lucky in that the local Pastor to the Baptist Church in the small town was the Uncle to the girl. He gave me the mother's telephone number. I called her, verified that the ring was the daughter's ring, and mailed it to her by U.S. Priority Mail. I would not accept any reward. My reward was the satifaction of knowning that the ring had been reunited with the rightful owner. Please have a great day! Kelley (Texas)

Re: How to return a High School class ring................
Clondike Clad
Date: February 06, 2005 04:15AM
I did the same with a ring and now I can hunt a 100 plus year old large home.
It is nice to put on someone.

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