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long range metal detectors
Posted by: rotceted
Date: January 01, 2009 11:05AM
Any one have one of those long range metal detectors or know how they work i have seen some adds and looked for any video but have not found any just curious about them sounds kind of interesting thanks Don

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: XLT-user
Date: January 01, 2009 01:01PM
No videos.thats cause they don't work.. Scam..................................BIG SCAM......................

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: Shambler
Date: January 01, 2009 02:33PM
That certainly isn't true. I can understand the skepticism with a brand like Electroscope, but even after playing with one of those strange devices for a few minutes you'll know it does what it's supposed to, it's just the "real world" implementation that gets difficult. It depends on what you're looking for and where. At one time the U.S. Military would take two ships and triangulate enemy submarine locations miles away using long range RF and IR technology (in complete silence). Those readings were based on the known composition of the sub hull.

Even Kellyco. sells long range detectors.

Re:<>I Made One Myself<>
Posted by: tabdog
Date: January 01, 2009 04:09PM
I have been working

on a modification

that can be mounted

on virtually any MD.

It only takes a few

solder connections to

mount this version

to tha metal detector rod.

Today, I got tha sucker

powered up.

I scanned 360 degrees

and got a strong hit.

It said

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Re: Re:<>I Made One Myself<>
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: January 01, 2009 04:14PM
Re: Re:<>I Made One Myself<>
Posted by: jabbo
Date: January 01, 2009 04:27PM
Hey Tabdog, stop pointing that thing toward NJ. My gold rings are vibrating all over the house. Miss NJ wants to meet you.

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: rotceted
Date: January 01, 2009 05:54PM
I love it thought that may be the response lol I figured if it worked the way they claim all the gold and silver would have already been dug. I think the same company sell a snipe hunting kit as well supposed to work great lol have a great day

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: January 01, 2009 06:02PM
Don....they simply don't work. They fail miserably in double blind comparison studies, where the targets are only known to one person (not either of the searchers). The LOL's just don't react to the targets buried, however, the metal detectors do. Now to counter-argue the results, the "believers" of LOL's will create their own pseudo-science with their own confusing sounding words to dispute proven scientific testing principals and techniques.

So....I don't believe for one second that they work at all. In fact there is a person who has offered $1,000,000.00 for the first person who can demonstrate that his/her gizmo works in according to a double blind test. Guess what? He still has the money up for grabs.

Now tabdog might be on to something with his invention :rofl: I always at least try to keep an open mind ;).

And I am expecting someone to soon come in and try to disprove my beliefs on there LOL's.

The debate has been going on for years..........

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: on-edge
Date: January 01, 2009 06:39PM
i have no idea how these things even work:rolleyes:
but i will say i'm a little more subtle on my skeptisism these days
many times i have seen these people on tv with their deviding rods
and many times i have laughed,untill one day,a utility worker showed up on the job
looking for the underground utilities,and had forgotten to bring the proper equiptment for locating it
this guy says to me don't tell anyone i did this,he walkes over to his truck and pulls out a pair of deviding rods
you've got to be kidding me i says,now i'm thinkin this guy has some cards missing,i literally was laughing out loud
what are you going to do with those i says,well long story short,this guy located the utilities with no problem,then let
me locate them,and i'm a skeptic no longer!:surprised:

i still laugh at the plumb bob over the map deal-just not out loud!:rofl:
bottom line some one would have to prove these things to me before i bit!:nerd:
seems to me that these long range locaters would have a huge problem with interferance?:blink:
although tabdog seems to have this problem all taken care of:thumbup:

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: Carl-NC
Date: January 01, 2009 06:40PM
I own around 30 LRLs. They are designed to find treasure only one time, at the point of sale, so if someone were to call them an outright scam I would not disagree. I have dissected a number of them and written reports for your reading pleasure... visit, go to the LRLs section, and click on Reports.

- Carl

Re: Re:<>I Made One Myself<>
Posted by: Lizardchaser
Date: January 01, 2009 06:47PM

I didn't realize Arkieland had that big a Current bushes to plug that bad boy into.:razz::rofl: Nice NUGGET

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: January 01, 2009 06:59PM
thanx Carl for your hard work on doing up those links :)

John-Edmonton is right: They'll have their in-penetrable logic circles to explain away critics. As for only working for some people (as if....... there's some monkey-business going on), they'll just tell you that those other users simply "weren't experienced". Ie.: no different than the argument that you can put an Explorer in a novice's hands, and HE TOO will not find anything good either.

As for the impressive supposed results (pix in kellyco of a guy posed next to his jar of gold coins is hard to argue with, eh? :rolleyes: ), my answer is: 1) If you do enough research on likely areas (old ruins, caches already known to be hidden near a house, etc...) 2) you go to those places waving around a coat-hanger or whatever you will subconsciously tilt it to the most likely looking areas, and 3) you pull out a metal detector to "pinpoint", dig 100 targets, then YES, you will eventually dig up something of value.

History is FILLED with stories of persons accidentally finding goodies (const. workers, trench diggers, etc...), so how much MORE SO wouldn't a person who is specifically out there at already suspected leads, juicy ruins, etc.. going to eventually find something with his LRL that his detector "pinpointed" eh?

Re: long range metal detectors
Posted by: Adrian SS
Date: January 01, 2009 07:24PM
Hell will freeze over long before anyone gets within a bulls roar of claiming that 1000,000.

If anyone who thinks he/she can detect at long range whatever they happen to be thinking about as they point their long range detector, then I think they could make a lot of money and save the world from industrial collapse by taking a few bets or by proving to the military and geological surveyors and oil drillers and iron and gold mining companies and archaeologists that their piece of scam ridden crap works .
Adrian SS

so if a company is selling these type gadgets and advertiseing them as
Posted by: mitwes56
Date: January 01, 2009 08:08PM
professional metal detectors and can locate treasures to a 100 ft are just scamming the public and there customers then ????

if these devices are all just fake and are sold under alot of false advertising and double talk then
Posted by: mitwes56
Date: January 01, 2009 08:32PM
why have they not been sued out of business by the customers they have bilked out of thousands of dollars. I mean if they have been opened up by experts and examined and its just dead circuitboards and loose wires going no where that is just simply fraud. I am surprised the biggest metal detector company in the country that caters to customer service would be apart of selling any of these contraptions to the unwary. Its just not right and nothing can be said to justify it.

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