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Field tests and hunts with various coils I've used
Posted by: Bryce-IL
Date: September 20, 2009 10:05PM

I have had quite a few PM's recently about my opinions of various coils....and how they performed...what they found, etc.

Rather than try to explain through PM's, each coil, the results, the finds, etc....That's a lot of typin':biggrin:

I figured it would just be easier to put links to hunts with each coil right here in one post:cheers:

These fieldtests, reviews, and hunts in this link are mostly hunts with my Explorer BUT I use the E-Trac as well...and have used EACH and EVERY coil posted about here on my E-Trac...and have gotten the exact same performance when it comes to depth, stability, separation, and iron handling capabilities.

I want it made clear that I DO NOT GET PAID by Kellyco...Coiltek.. Sunray or Minelab to test or use ANY of their coils or detectors...and am NOT ON ANYONE'S PAYROLL ....therefore I have no vested interest. The field tests are something that each company has asked me to do (with the exception of Minelab)...and I do so with absolutely NO bias for any brand. I only post my results of each coil with 100% honesty and as accurately as I can.

PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME AND ASK ME "If you could choose just one coil"...or "which small coil is better than that small coil"...etc:rolleyes:

I will not choose your coil for you:clapping:. That's something you must do on your own.:cheers:

I also want to point out that if you have Andy Sabisch's Explorer/E-trac book and are going to consider trying my settings... please realize there were a couple of slight misprints. Make sure you have the max limits setting at 10 instead of 7 as was printed. Also make sure you drop the threshold volume to barely audible instead of 10 as was printed; otherwise you'll get a real nasty headache.:smile:

Andy did his best to hand edit many of these before sending them out...but it wasn't humanly possible for him to get them all.

Here are the different links to each coil referenced..which will take you to the hunt or test with that specific coil or detector.

Click on the BLUE LINK below whichever hunt/coil/detector post you are interested in viewing.

RNB Innovations ML-2900 Lithium-Ion Explorer/E-Trac Battery,1805198,1805198#msg-1805198

Sunray X-5 Coil field test published in Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine May 2010

14K Gold Cross w/ 1 carat of Diamonds
Sunray X-5 coil:,1591216,1591216#msg-1591216

Sunray X-5 Coil:,1102280,1102280#msg-1102280

Sunray X-5 Coil:,1331744,1331744#msg-1331744

10" deep Seated Dime
6" Excelerator coil:,1787263,1787263#msg-1787263

1829 Capped Bust Dime From Forest Park
6" Excelerator coil:,604756,604756#msg-604756

1856 Half Dime
6" Excelerator coil:,593507,593507#msg-593507

6" Excelerator coil:,584903,584903#msg-584903

Walking Liberty Half dollar
6" Excelerator coil:,596115,596115#msg-596115

4.5" x 7" Excelerator Coil:,1266426,1266426#msg-1266426

GOLD Love Token
4,5" x 7" Excelerator Coil:,1594497,1594497#msg-1594497

SMALL COILS FIELD TEST:,1602394,1602394#msg-1602394


6" x 8" SEF coil:,932314,932314#msg-932314

1820 Capped Bust Dime
6 x 8 SEF Coil:,1524125,1524125#msg-1524125

Seated Dime
6 x 8 SEF Coil:,1586614,1586614#msg-1586614

Sunray X-8 coil:,1169242,1169242#msg-1169242

8" Concentric Excelerator Coil:,1482604,1482604#msg-1482604

10 x 12 SEF coil BEST FIND EVER:,876944,876944#msg-876944

10 x 12 SEF coil Follow up post to BEST FIND EVER:,894121,894121#msg-894121

Quarter Grand Slam with a Bust Quarter
10 x 12 SEF Coil:,1505645,1505645#msg-1505645

Silver dime hiding in iron
10 x 12 SEF coil:,1425527,1425527#msg-1425527

Another silver dime hiding in iron
10 x 12 SEF coil:,1635113,1635113#msg-1635113

Silver Dime Grand Slam
10 x 12 SEF Coil:,1058872,1058872#msg-1058872

3 Generations hunting/Walking Liberty Half Dollar
10 x 12 SEF coil:,1240596,1240596#msg-1240596

1856 Seated Dime on edge at 10" Deep
10 X 12 SEF Coil:,1799856,1799856#msg-1799856

11 Silver
10 x 12 SEF coil:,1066619,1066619#msg-1066619

1916 D Mercury Dime From Forest Park
10 x 12 SEF coil:,975783,975783#msg-975783

Walking Liberty Half Dollar
10 x 12 SEF coil:,763834,763834#msg-763834

10 x 12 SEF coil:,825148,825148#msg-825148

7 Silver
10 x 12 SEF coil:,767800,767800#msg-767800

5 Silver with 3 Quarters
10 X 12 SEF coil:,793854,793854#msg-793854

8 Injuns' and 5 Silver
10 x 12 SEF coil:,835536,835536#msg-835536

Silver Dime Grand Slam
10 X 12 SEF Coil:,1076681,1076681#msg-1076681

AU Barber Quarter
10 x 12 SEF Coil:,1080815,1080815#msg-1080815

1877 Injun'
10 X 12 SEF coil:,1013654,1013654#msg-1013654

Seated Dime
10 X 12 SEF Coil:,1089670,1089670#msg-1089670

3 Silver Quarters w/ a dated SLQ/Some wonderful friends
10 x 12 SEF Coil:,1297462,1297462#msg-1297462

Seated Dime
10 X 12 SEF coil:,863730,863730#msg-863730

Seated Quarter Love Token
10 X 12 SEF coil:,969140,969140#msg-969140

Seated Dime/Deep Injun'
10 X 12 SEF coil:,1173440,1173440#msg-1173440

Hunt with G-Money
10 X 12 SEF coil:,1206831,1206831#msg-1206831

Two 11" Deep Silver Dimes
10 x 12 SEF coil:,1148775,1148775#msg-1148775

Antigue Sterling Silver Bracelet
10 x 12 SEF coil:,1301752,1301752#msg-1301752

Nickel Grand Slam
10 x 12 SEF Coil:,1779488,1779488#msg-1779488

Seated Quarter
10 x 12 SEF Coil:,1907925,1907925#msg-1907925

Dad's first hunt with a Minelab detector:,1201594,1201594#msg-1201594

1853 Half Dime, Barber, Injuns', Shield and V-Nickels
Minelab Pro Coil:,1448657,1448657#msg-1448657

Minelab Pro Coil:,1347232,1347232#msg-1347232

4 Mercury Dimes
Minelab Pro coil:,1006162,1006162#msg-1006162

2 Seated Dimes
Minelab Pro Coil:,940528,940528#msg-940528

Quarter Trifecta
Minelab Pro coil:,787344,787344#msg-787344

9 Silver
Minelab Pro coil:,815340,815340#msg-815340

12" Deep Silver Dime
Minelab Pro Coil:,1353253,1353253#msg-1353253

Sunray X-12 Field Test published in Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine June 2010,1270729,1270729#msg-1270729

1834 Capped Bust Dime
Sunray X-12 Coil:,1122622,1122622#msg-1122622

Seated Dime
Sunray X-12 Coil:,1196511,1196511#msg-1196511

Dave's bull ride/Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Sunray X-12 coil:,1274644,1274644#msg-1274644

Silver Dime Grand Slam
Sunray X-12 Coil:,1282723,1282723#msg-1282723

Hunt with another forum member
Sunray X-12 Coil:,1326995,1326995#msg-1326995

1841 Seated Dime
Sunray X-12 Coil:,1337003,1337003#msg-1337003

Field Test
Detech 13" Ultimate Coil:,1673794,1673794#msg-1673794

Nice hunt w/ ring
Detech 13" Ultimate coil:,1712754,1712754#msg-1712754

1895 Barber Dime
Detech 13" Ultimate Coil:,1730160,1730160#msg-1730160

1848 Seated Halfdime
Detech 13" Ultimate Coil:,1686593,1686593#msg-1686593

3 Barber Dimes From Forest Park
Detech 13" Ultimate Coil:,1769739,1769739#msg-1769739

Detech Ultimate 13" vs 10 x 12 SEF coil vs Minelab pro coil,1692757,1692757#msg-1692757

2 Barber Half Dollars
10" x 14" Excelerator:,743833,743833#msg-743833

Morgan Dollar
10" x 14" Excelerator:,752522,752522#msg-752522

3 Barber Dimes and a Fishscale
10" x 14" Excelerator:,738083,738083#msg-738083

6 Silver
10" x 14" Excelerator coil:,713634,713634#msg-713634

Compared against Stock coil
12" Excelerator coil:,554177,554177#msg-554177

12 x 15 SEF coil:,1188518,1188518#msg-1188518

Coiltek 15" WOT coil:,951671,951671#msg-951671

3rd Barber Quarter in 2 weeks
Coiltek 15" WOT coil:,956606,956606#msg-956606

1876 Seated Half Dollar
Coiltek 15" WOT coil:,1041514,1041514#msg-1041514

Silver Found Hidden in Iron
Coiltek 15" WOT Coil:,1648928,1648928#msg-1648928

15 x 18 SEF Coil:,1157686,1157686#msg-1157686

1841 Seated Half Dime/Gold ring From Forest Park
Minelab 1050 coil:,550911,550911#msg-550911

Large Cent
Minelab 1050 coil:,600231,600231#msg-600231

Thanksgiving hunt
Minelab 1050 coil:,616664,616664#msg-616664

5 Silver with a Barber Quarter
Minelab 1050 coil:,708816,708816#msg-708816

1892 Barber Dime
SE Slimline coil:,526640,526640#msg-526640

Here's the link to my field test post containing over 60 different hunts of various coil tests...field tests published in Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine...comparisons...nicer finds...etc..:,1055627,1055627#msg-1055627

Been swingin' the coil since 1972

Started out in 1972 with a Jetco Detector...then the late 70's with a Whites 6000:whites:....then in 1981 went to a Bounty Hunter VLF TR 840:bounty:

Then in the early 1980's I went to a Whites 6000 Di Pro:whites:...mid 80's I went to a Whites Eagle II SL:whites:...Late 80's/Early 90's I went to the Whites XLT:whites:

1990's I used the Fisher CZ5, CZ6, CZ7, 7aPro, and CZ70Pro (still have)...and am currently doing some water hunting with my CZ-21:fisher:...

Started using Minelabs in 1999:minelab:

with a brief stint on the Musketeer while also using the CZ's...then in 2002 I switched to the Minelab Explorers and currently use the Explorer SE Pro as my main machine. I also use the Explorer 2 and E-trac often... and have a CTX3030 I use as a backup:minelab: Might also mention I have an arsenal of coils for the Explorers:thumbup:

"Metal detecting is an escape for me and allows me to find some much needed peace and solace.
Being able to clear my head...even if only for that short much more meaningful than any amount of finds that end up in my pouch"
:angel: "Quote ME"

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