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Posted by: Bryce-IL
Date: January 31, 2012 09:52PM
Gaz....I would not have been running an open screen because I hunt in conductive I honestly can't answer what it would sounded like.

An open screen is usually associated with ferrous sounds which I do not hunt in.

To me that same hit would have been a jumbled up mess if I was hunting open screen/ferrous tones.

I prefer to hunt in conductive tones with some iron mask because of what I hear over partially iron masked targets.

Here's the link to my field test post containing over 60 different hunts of various coil tests...field tests published in Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine...comparisons...nicer finds...etc..:,1055627,1055627#msg-1055627

Been swingin' the coil since 1972

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Then in the early 1980's I went to a Whites 6000 Di Pro:whites:...mid 80's I went to a Whites Eagle II SL:whites:...Late 80's/Early 90's I went to the Whites XLT:whites:

1990's I used the Fisher CZ5, CZ6, CZ7, 7aPro, and CZ70Pro (still have)...and am currently doing some water hunting with my CZ-21:fisher:...

Started using Minelabs in 1999:minelab:

with a brief stint on the Musketeer while also using the CZ's...then in 2002 I switched to the Minelab Explorers and currently use the Explorer SE Pro as my main machine. I also use the Explorer 2 and E-trac often... and have a CTX3030 I use as a backup:minelab: Might also mention I have an arsenal of coils for the Explorers:thumbup:

"Metal detecting is an escape for me and allows me to find some much needed peace and solace.
Being able to clear my head...even if only for that short much more meaningful than any amount of finds that end up in my pouch"
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