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Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: Great Republic
Date: February 22, 2012 12:59PM
Went out after work and hit a field behind an old church.
Found my oldest coin yet. A 173? King George II.
Also 4 Wheats oldest 1912 an 20.
Some kind of fobie looking thing ( ID?). Says KBCO F367 on the back.
A gold over silver ladies Seiko watch and piece of copper that looks like a duck.
Thanks for looking.

Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: McDave
Date: February 22, 2012 01:56PM
Nice old copper ... too bad they get punished so bad after that many years buried. Congrats ! :cheers:

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Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: February 22, 2012 02:38PM
Holy SMOKES, that's a very nice, very old find...

AMAZING! You just "bested" my oldest find by, oh, roughly 160 years! :)



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Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: dirt doctor
Date: February 22, 2012 03:00PM
Congratulations on a truly old oldie . Great work on the pictures too , I can never seem to get the lighting right when I get a coin with some wear on it and I need to bring out the detail .
For its age it is in remakebly good shape . Nice going on capturing it without inflicting any wounds . Funny how those short hunts can be the most productive at times .:clapping:

Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: TwoRivers
Date: February 22, 2012 03:15PM
Great find.....................might be some more there?..............................................................................John

Great Republic..That is awesome !! Nice findsN/T
Posted by: Elton
Date: February 22, 2012 04:28PM

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Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: samuel_schumaker
Date: February 22, 2012 04:30PM
Wow, someday i wanna detect somewhere that i can find something that old. Great job, HH

Posted by: MikeO
Date: February 22, 2012 04:31PM
Must have been a fantastic 1/2 hour.
I would be a happy camper if I was you!!!!!! :clapping::clapping::clapping:
I was able to get out today with my friend but, I did not get into the 1700's

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Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: drkp88
Date: February 22, 2012 06:05PM
Great to see you're out and about GR! Nice copper!!

Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: Bryce-IL
Date: February 22, 2012 06:07PM
Very cool GR. Congrats on that old critter:thumbup:

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Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: Eddie in Poulsbo
Date: February 22, 2012 11:28PM
Nice digs there GR and congrats on your oldest coin.:clapping:


Thanks everybody,HHN/T
Posted by: Great Republic
Date: February 24, 2012 03:17PM

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Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: Dave-IL
Date: February 26, 2012 09:54PM
Nice finds Great Republc.

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Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: EladSwerdna
Date: February 28, 2012 08:39AM
Nice KGII. It's always great to find something so old. :thumbup:

Re: Half hour hunt nabs oldie.
Posted by: diggingFx
Date: February 29, 2012 10:15AM
The fob looking thing looks familiar. I always assumed the one I found was a drawer pull but??

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