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explorer se pro, etrac
Posted by: Quake
Date: November 30, 2017 06:24PM
Curious if any one who has had the se pro or the etrac could tell me if the recovery speed is the same on both of these units or
is the etrac faster.
Contemplating on purchasing either one just curious about recovery speed. I use a T2 Ltd and wanted to get a dedicated coin machine
and use my T2 in the woods and for relic hunting but i do find my share of silver jewelry and coins with it.

Re: explorer se pro, etrac
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: November 30, 2017 06:42PM
Quake,one thing that is different that might get your attention is that the SE Pro is the previous FE CO coordinate readout. The eTrac has the programming scheme of putting a lot of targets on the “12 line”. You can do much reading about this through the forums and others will chime in. With the Explorers,you can run Ferrous sounds in an old farm site and the nails will sound low,and the non-Ferrous targets stand out nicely. You can’t really do that with the etrac,’d have to run Conductive sounds with some discrimination or run Two Tone Ferrous and no disc. With disc you’ll get nulling,which many guys don’t care for and with Two Tone Ferrous it doesn’t differentiate between a nickel and a silver dollar with audio. The target ID does,but hunting by sound won’t apply with TTF.
If you are DEAD SERIOUS about having a machine that will do about anything except for tiny gold,consider a used(or new:smile:) CTX. All of the FBS machines are great deep coin hunters, so no matter your choice I don’t think you’ll go wrong unless you’re not willing to spend the time with it.
Good luck! Lots of deep coins out there just waiting for you....

Re: explorer se pro, etrac
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: December 02, 2017 04:40PM
Quake -- I agree with what IDX said, good info.

I have a good SE Pro that I'm ready to sell, if you have any interest and decide to go that route. Just send me a PM and let me know...


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Norman, OK

Re: explorer se pro, etrac
Posted by: Pastor bob
Date: December 08, 2017 09:11AM
I have the set up you are looking for. I use my SE Pro for coins and my T-2 LTD. for field hunting. Love them both. I do have to swing the Explorer slower, but it is a top notch coin finder. One you get used to the tones you don't need to look at the numbers much.

Re: explorer se pro, etrac
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: December 18, 2017 05:20AM
Se Pro has a better response to deep silver....... but the ET has a MUCH shorter learning curve and puts you on track if you want to up grade later to a CTX. Part of that learning curve is the screen jump on deep targets...... like nickles. The iron disc can be tweaked a lot better with the ET as well. Sometimes those nulls are what you listen for.......especially for field hunting.... or even beach hunting. It gives you concentration of targets where you want to slow down. Both machines work really well moving slow in trash, but the ET has a faster recovery. Reduce your disc will also increase recovery time. The explorer is a great machine, but its been discontinued, so how long before they stop repairing them?


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Re: explorer se pro, etrac
Posted by: Southwind
Date: December 18, 2017 05:43AM
You're going to get a ton a biased answers. Cut through the BS and ask yourself a simple question. Which one has become the number one choice over the other. Which one gets requested more than the other. Um... pretty simple really.

Both are great detectors no doubt, but in my opinion, no doubt one is better and thus more popular. Think about it. Are the vast majority going to chose the lesser of the two?

The real treasure is in the hunt...

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Re: explorer se pro, etrac
Posted by: Quake
Date: December 20, 2017 04:26PM
No there not, Thanks for all the info

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