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#37 FTY! Old Spot But 1st Time for Silver!
Posted by: Ohio Dirt Fisher
Date: July 27, 2018 06:01PM
I've been to this park a dozen times in the past long ago and kinda gave up on it because it's so trashy and full of iron mineral that it's a nightmare to detect. But I got off of work early and had some time to kill and the weather was beautiful. Now I can't say that I've ever found silver in this park but I have found a boatload of wheats and clad. Being that I'm trying a new method of detecting, with the Minelab SE Pro, I decided to just go for it, low and slow and take my time!

Well it worked! I started getting a bit of clad then I came upon 2 wheats about a foot apart. I said to myself that if they missed the wheats, what else could they have missed? About 20 minutes later I hit this real nice high tone reading 7-29, 1-29 and at various angles sometimes 7-28 and 3-28. (There's a ton of Iron mineralization which makes dancing around a signal real screwy at times!) But the tone was the clue. I figure the 43 D Merc was down about 7 inches and came up in the tailings of the deep left side of the plug. The ground there is a mix of shale and river rock and has it's moments trying to get a resemblance of a plug out onto the grass.

After that I found more clad, one a 1966 quarter at 9", two Sunoco antique car tokens, 2 of the biggest fishing weights I've ever dug (Each an easy 2 oz.) and 2 more wheats. Dates on all 4 were 44D, 52, 50 & 53D.

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Re: #37 FTY! Old Spot But 1st Time for Silver!
Posted by: Ted S
Date: July 28, 2018 08:25AM
Nice! We went out for a couple of hours but all I found was some clad and some kind of religious medal at 6". The ground was very dry.

Re: #37 FTY! Old Spot But 1st Time for Silver!
Posted by: JeffInMass
Date: July 29, 2018 07:27AM
Beautiful Merc- Congrats!!

-- Jeff --

Re: #37 FTY! Old Spot But 1st Time for Silver!
Posted by: BigTony
Date: July 29, 2018 08:20AM
Ed, terrific find in such a difficult place to detect, congratulations!

We’re you hunting in conductive or ferrous mode?


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