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Ring Enhancement Programs
Posted by: DFXer
Date: November 16, 2007 07:27PM
With my XLT and DFX I used ring enhancement programs when the trash was unbearable. I'm not a fan of high discrimination but there were times when it was necessary. The notch discrimination capability of the White's machines allowed you to accept very narrow ranges of conductivity and at least give you a chance at finding something.

Has anyone tried ultra high discrimination thumbnail patterns in extreme trash with the SE and, if so, how did they work?


Re: Ring Enhancement Programs
Posted by: Nick A
Date: November 17, 2007 01:02AM
I imagine it would do well. I used "learn" to create a "silver" pattern that just accepts silver dimes and quarters. Awesome for cherry picking. Still get some clad and a few copper cents sneak in. The trouble with rings is they come in just about anywhere and in the middle of the canslaw/pulltab range. Using the conductivity number display rather than the grid might help?

You could also do the reverse and "learn" the pulltabs and discriminate them out. Take a handful of dug tabs, different styles and teach the detector to reject them... then the signals in that range will mostly be odd shaped pieces of aluminum and canslaw... but also rings?

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