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Republicans ask Mueller to resign. What say you?
Posted by: Greg (E.Tn)
Date: November 03, 2017 06:46PM
The first paragraph and a half pretty much says it, and I agree:

" Whereas as early as 2009, the FBI discovered that Russian officials were engaging in bribery and extortion, tainting the American uranium industry in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to strengthen their own nuclear program; Whereas investigations into Russia’s corruption of American uranium-related businesses were supervised by then-United States Attorney Rod Rosenstein, currently serving as Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, currently serving as Deputy Director of the FBI;

Whereas despite knowledge of this corruption, backed by documents and an eyewitness account, neither the Department of Justice nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the leadership of Mr. Mueller brought charges; Whereas the Department of Justice actively threatened the liberty of a confidential informant embedded within Russia’s nuclear program who wished to inform Congress about Russian corruption of American uranium-related companies, and the FBI required this informant to sign a non-disclosure agreement, intentionally depriving Congress of information vital to national security and Congressional oversight authority; "

There's more but I think this pretty much says what needs to be said.


Republicans ask Mueller to resign. What say you? URL

Greg (E.Tn)324November 03, 2017 06:46PM

Re: Republicans ask Mueller to resign. What say you?

hawgdawg92November 03, 2017 08:36PM

It appears the DOJ is still being run by 0bama :drinking: Gif Attachments

vlad127November 04, 2017 01:31AM

I think Putin is laughing his arse off right about now.

Greg (E.Tn)93November 03, 2017 09:03PM

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