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A doe?N/T
Posted by: Steve(Can)
Date: November 07, 2017 09:53PM

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"Some very good people have some very bad ideas."
---Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
"“Do the right thing, then suffer the consequences.”
---Sheriff David Ward
"Come get your duds in order 'cause we're bound across the water,
Heave away, me jollies, heave away.
Come get your duds in order 'cause we're bound to leave tomorrow,
Heave away, me jolly boys, we're all bound away..."


Okay, Hunters.. Jpeg Attachments

Mikie283November 07, 2017 08:38PM

very nice Mike :DN/T

Royal58November 12, 2017 11:06PM

Nothing really wrong with it, maybe crossbred.N/T

Greg (E.Tn)76November 07, 2017 10:00PM

You got it as well Greg!! White tail antlers on one side and mule deer on the otherN/T

Mikie58November 07, 2017 10:31PM


Greg (E.Tn)72November 08, 2017 07:29AM

A doe?N/T

Steve(Can)55November 07, 2017 09:53PM

Re: Okay, Hunters..

Gold Buddy70November 07, 2017 09:21PM

Re: Okay, Hunters..

Mikie81November 07, 2017 10:30PM

Pretty neat, Mike... had it been an elk, or a post by Wayner, I might have said...

Steve(Can)69November 08, 2017 10:37AM

You implying the Яussians altered this deer? Jpeg Attachments

vlad81November 07, 2017 09:49PM

Not a bullet wound Holmes............Vampire attack. :look:

vlad94November 07, 2017 09:10PM

Re: Okay, Hunters..

hawgdawg88November 07, 2017 08:43PM

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