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Justice Kennedy to Retire
Posted by: olfart
Date: June 27, 2018 06:54PM

Who's the best replacement? Mike Lee or Trey Gowdy would be my picks, but that would leave Lee's seat in the Senate up for grabs. Gowdy's already announced his retirement.


Justice Kennedy to Retire URL

olfart263June 27, 2018 06:54PM

Re: Justice Kennedy to Retire

doc holiday23274June 30, 2018 09:49AM

Re: Justice Kennedy to Retire

Steve O57June 28, 2018 06:23AM

Re: Justice Kennedy to Retire

hawgdawg79June 27, 2018 07:03PM

They should put that girl who speaks for the NRA on the Supreme Court Jpeg Attachments

Buck205June 27, 2018 10:21PM

Judge Super Beet. :thumbup:N/T

etex80June 28, 2018 08:27PM


hawgdawg76June 28, 2018 05:39AM

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