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Re: Figures you'd be a supporter of it until your handlers tell you to change your mind...
Posted by: hawgdawg
Date: November 04, 2018 12:22PM
I wouldn't tell you to leave , there is nothing wrong with opposing views . It helps in forming our opinions. It's the false facts that a lot of people seem to grasp the most , and then there goes your informed decision.
There's a lot I don't really like about Trump , but there's a lot more I don't like about Hillery. I would love to see that swamp drained , but I believe Trump wasn't really prepared for how DC actually operates , not that I do . But I don't believe he can just walk in and start firing people. They've got to serve out their terms. And some of the ones that need to go , are in on these investigations , that I don't fully believe they are all warranted , but if he fired them now , the left would be screaming obstruction like crazy. As far as the FBI , I believe they are as a whole , are good , but there is some who were and are at the top levels that are and were biased and were doing illegal stuff to protect their intended political picks and interests. In my opinion , the FBI has lost a lot of respect and trust , at least in my eyes. In the Mueller investigation , I m going to put this out now , and it's apt to change , but I don't believe he's found anything really detrimental to Trump , if he had , he'd be disclosing it prior to these elections , knowing it would hurt Trumps credibility , and the republicans chances. And if he disclosed the findings and Trump is clean , then it would hurt the Dems in these elections. After all of their rhetoric.
You've got to admit , Trump has had nothing but obstruction from the left from the very 1st day , not one bit of partisanship. That just proves to me , that it's not about the People and the country , it's about the Dems and their agendas for the transformation they want for our country , and their power.
As far as your Kool aid comment , I personally don't think you're stupid ,, I just think you might need to change your flavor ,,,:lmfao:

Re: Figures you'd be a supporter of it until your handlers tell you to change your mind...
Posted by: calfrope
Date: November 04, 2018 03:14PM
Beywolf, you're right, I am a Christian, and once a former atheist. I wish I could talk with you more about this, and what changed me over from being one to the other. No, there is no way I'm mad, or upset at you the way you feel, or believe. I just don't understand your reasoning after knowing people do change in their lives like it was with me, and reading the first sentence above. I believe Trump does love his children, and grandchildren, and he thinks about their futures. I believe like me, he has changed also, except from a different way of past. I've never seen in a long time, a President pray, or get prayed over them like Trump has invited in. That's a good thing. In fact, it shows signs of fruit that has been bared. That does happen to some out there also. For all have sinned, and have fallen short of God. Now go and sin no more He said. One thing that I can't stand though, is a media reporter that's not Christian, and telling a Christian how a Christian is supposed to act, or behave when they don't understand anything about that belief.

Why don't you ask me how Trump has impacted my life? I had a great impact 3 times since him being in office. Looks like my open healthcare enrollment is going to go down again after 2019. Why would I be a fool and want to go backwards again like it was under Obama, or some other smooth talking progressive where nothing really ever materializes, or ever gets done? I found out quick who the rich really is under Obama, but the democrats will never put a number to that figure who the rich is. I know why Obama did that. All democrats run their campaigns as income class warfare, race, and anything that doesn't amount to a hill of beans for their talking points as a improvement. If the carburetor is working, don't tinker with it. I've never seen a President that worked so hard in my life, and have the stamina Trump has. You talk about the bad people being of rich corporations, wall street, and big money? All you need to do is look no further than the democrats, The democrats are doing all the damage.

:thumbup: Well said Calfrope,,,,,N/T
Posted by: hawgdawg
Date: November 04, 2018 07:00PM

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Re: :thumbup: Well said Calfrope,,,,,
Posted by: BeyWolf
Date: November 04, 2018 09:41PM
Well said calfrope and you too hawgdawg.

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