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Posted by: Greg (E.Tn)
Date: March 06, 2019 11:02AM
The 2019 DNC cares only about getting Trump, eroding the Constitution, and implementing Socialism.

Everything else is trivial.

Sunny Skies.


Seems the Dems are really about letting it out what they are all about...

Guvner175March 04, 2019 11:58PM

They don't have anything else to run on............

Greg (E.Tn)49March 05, 2019 06:40AM

Re: They don't have anything else to run on............

hawgdawg38March 05, 2019 10:32AM

You're right, Hawgdawg, and I just don't get that........

Greg (E.Tn)37March 05, 2019 02:46PM

If they are in a giant field on a prairie........ Gif Attachments

vlad31March 08, 2019 11:58AM

It seems as though the Democrats , these days anyway, are more concerned [obsessed] with Pres Trump, and

Mikie40March 06, 2019 06:36AM


Greg (E.Tn)32March 06, 2019 11:02AM

Exactly,,, Mikie and Greg

hawgdawg27March 07, 2019 03:01PM

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