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Some unusual federal crimes.....:look:
Posted by: vlad
Date: March 10, 2019 07:10AM
If you write a letter to a pirate you can get 3 years in a federal prison; if you threaten a clown at a circus or rodeo, its a federal crime.:crazy:
If you give the "finger" to a horse, or moon it, or make any "offensive gesture," at a national park its a federal crime (its not known if mules or donkey's are included.):unsure:
A few others: you cannot barter for a flamingo, ride a manatee, or draw the pentagon. Just a smattering from the book, "How To Become A Federal Criminal," by Mike Chase.
Congress, and federal agencies have way too much time on their hands.:rage:

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Some unusual federal crimes.....:look:

vlad137March 10, 2019 07:10AM

Hmmm. Surprised the Libs haven't tried to enforce some of those........N/T

Greg (E.Tn)32March 11, 2019 05:05PM

Re: Some unusual federal crimes.....:look:

hawgdawg49March 10, 2019 10:07AM

I doubt members of congress ever visit that library.....:poke:

vlad45March 10, 2019 11:05AM

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