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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: February 18, 2012 03:35AM
Pinpointing with the tip of the coil works good on targets that are not deep, but on all the deeper targets or iffy ones I will go to pinpoint and go slide to side to center the signal, but not forward or backwards. Now when I find the center i will push the coil to the ground so it don't move from that spot and turn myself 90 degrees and pinpoint again going side to side again and when you find the center where the signal is the loudest the target will be in the very center of the coil now. I suppose to can do this in disc too if you are careful, but I find in pinpoint I can see if the target moves indicating iron or another target next to the one I am trying to pinpoint.
Now when trying to pinpoint in disc and using the tip of the coil on the ones not real deep I will move the coil back to where I don't get the signal and forward until I do then come at it from a different Angle and do the same. Now depending on the coil you are using you will know where the spot is in the tip of the coil where the signal is coming from so by coming at it from 2 angles or more you can pinpoint right on most of the time other than the target is at a angle as the signal can be off a bit in disc, but in pinpoint it should be right on if you did the pinpoint right.
I also like this for those iffy signal you are not 100% sure of as after I did the pinpoint in all metal to find the center I will hold the coil over that spot as the target is in the center of the coil and switch back to disc and slightly wiggle the coil, if the threshold increases or don't change I will be digging, but if it is nulling i know it is a iron object.
I also use a Sun Ray S-1 pin pointer as i can dig a plug as small as 2-3 inches diameter and put the probe in the hole in all metal and will get a signal a good 4 inches away and 90% of the time it is in the very center of the hole I dug the plug out. I find the recovery is fast when you take the time to pinpoint correctly before you dig. This also helps when doing nice lawns as I can dig a small diameter plug and go deep, but in most cases where I detect i dig about a 4-5 inch plug, then use my S-1 probe in the hole and can hear where it is and go deeper or to the side a little, recover the target and back detecting.


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I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

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Re: I Could Use A Lesson In Pinpointing

Rick(ND)111February 18, 2012 03:35AM

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