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Minelab Sovereign Models Original to the GT
Posted by: Ron from Michigan
Date: May 09, 2012 07:59PM
Rick's Advice for the Sovereign "The Sovereigns are a different type of detectors and not like anything most have ever used.These do take some time to get use to and the biggest tip I can give DON'T GIVE UP.These detectors with different tones,nulling may confuse many to begin with and see finds that will make many a believer the Sovereign may be if not the best detecter you have ever used.With the Sovereign you can never go to slow,but you can go to fast and miss a lot of good targets that are deep or close to a thrash item.Most find running no disc or very little will get you less nulling and you can hear everything there is other than iron which is disc out with the Sovereigns and will null when it sees iron.The speed depends on where you are hunting as you don't want to go as slow in a park that has only surface targets,but want to go slower in an area where you know holds deep targets or where there is a lot of thrash as it has to see every target.I find in most areas I want to hear the threshold coming and going and changing tones.If this is doing this in most areas I know it is working good as it is seeing what I want.Now if the area is old and could hold deeper targets I will want to go even slower than normal in some of the area where I know will be deeper targets,such as around some of the bigger and older trees in a park where people sat many years ago and lost coins.You want to go very slow and listen close to that threshold changing and wiggle the coil over any signal a couple of times to see if you can get the tones to pitch higher and numbers climb,you may not be able to get the correct tones or numbers,but they will be trying to climb and not lock on.These I will check out as they could be so deep the Sovereign sees them,but being so deep can not get a good signal to ID them.Like I say when doing the wiggle they will be trying to climb,but they may not make it.If they lock on to a number nice then that is the ID of the target,but if they can't quite lock on and want to climb is the ones I'm talking about.With the Sovereigns you have to go slow normally and going for the deep ones at the fringe of detection is where going super slow will make a difference.I learned some of this by accident when I was forced to stand in one spot on the back side of a tree as some young people wrer playing frisbee golf and I was in their way.I was moving the coil every so slightly and hear the threshold change tones indicating it was seeing something.I did wiggle and seen the numbers bouncing around and the best I could get was up to a 165 on my180 meter,but I could see it was trying to climb along with the tones.I dug down a good 8-10 inches and with the help of the Sun Ray S-1 probe(best investment for the Sovereign)I found a deep wheatie.I went around that tree real slow after that and dug 3 more older wheaties,a merc a IH penny and a gold plated heart with not one of these giving the correct meter reading,but they were trying.Up until then I had only found new coins and some thrash,after that I dug many of older coins from 8-12 inches and less than 10% readlike they should have,but theyall were Signals that were trying to climb,but just couldn't make it.This is why I say go very slow in those areas you feel has some very deep targets in.It also help that others have worked these areas hard and took out all the surface targets so I don't have to listen to all the loud signals and can hear the deep and weak ones easier.Now another tip I can offer is some of those iffy targets you can't tell are good or bad.I will try to get the target to the tip of the coil by moving the back to me with the short side to side until I lose it,then move the coil forward until I get the target.Now I will know about right where it is so I will come at it from a different angle and see if is there or moved.I may come from adifferent angle all the way around and find if I can only see it one way it is probably a false off of iron,but if I can get it several ways I will be digging.Now I go to all metal pinpoint and pinpoint it doing the 90 degrees turn as I find on the deeper targets this works great plus to do my test to see if it is good I have to have the target centered right on.I will switch to pin point and go side to side and center the target,but don't go forward to back,just side to side.Now when you have the target centered I push the coil to the ground so it will not move off that spot and turn 90 degrees and then swing the coil side to side again until you have it centered,but make sure you don't go forwards or backwards with the coil.Now you have the target right under the center of the coiland if it was a iffy one because it was deeper and want to get a better ID I will hold the coil very still and switch back to disc mode,now once this is done I will wiggle the coil ever so slightly,if it nulls its thrash,if it is a positive signal trying to climb I will be digging and even if the threshold don't change I will wiggle a little more and chance is it won't null so you want to dig this one to make sure.I found with the GT it is harder to do this for some reason as I get a null first,but by wiggling it a little more it will ID it.I also find that the GT seems to be more sensitive and will false on iron more,but by coming at the target from a different angle it is easy to tell it is iron as it will move or null.Now the next tip is with using the S-1 probe of Sun Rays finding the deeper targets.Once you know your Sovereign and have used it a bit you can tell the depth just the way it acts and sounds like in more cases than a depth meter will.When I get the deeper signals and some that are more iffy I will do my pinpointing using the 90 degree turn and dig my plug as I know it is deeper and while in the all metal pinpoint I will switch to the probe and stick the probe in the hole trying to find any kind of signal,when I do and dig close enough to the target to get a good signal and then I will switch back to disc and see if it will null,or if it is a good target.If it nulls I know it is iron and will try to see if I can find another signal or I will take out the iron and try again.This has helped finding those targets that are close to nails and other thrash.It is nice to have this probe as most of the time I can get the nice signal of a good target and even some of the iffy ones trying to climb I dig I can see once I'm close to it if it is a good target by the tones I get.The S-1 probe has really help me find those deeper than normal targets,those at an angle.I find more since I use this probe,know right where todig and not put a big scratch across the coin. This is some of the tips I have to offer at this time and I am sure I know of more and think of them when I am out detecting.One thing is always be willing to learn with the Sovereign as it seems like most every time out you learn something else.As you will see from the forums that most that have stuck with the Sovereign and learned it well may try other detectors,but seem to always come back to the Sovereign or keep one while using a different detector.I bet most the know it may use a different detector,but has a Sovereign in reserve." Good Luck to all and their Sovereigns Rick''

Minelab Sovereign and Equinox 600

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Minelab Sovereign Models Original to the GT

Ron from Michigan18074May 09, 2012 07:59PM

The latest model the GT

Rick(ND)2452May 22, 2012 12:58PM

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Ron from Michigan3594May 14, 2012 07:53PM

Yes the XS and the XS2 are the favorite of the older Sovereigns

Rick(ND)1470May 15, 2012 01:51AM

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Ron from Michigan3745May 14, 2012 09:05PM

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