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Re: Sovereign Models XS
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: May 13, 2012 10:50PM
The XS was my first Sovereign and really thought I made a mistake when I first used it. I got in in the winter too to make it tougher as I couldn't use it until spring. I think you will find many that tried the Sovereign and didn't like it either and some sold it after a day or 2, the worst I seen was a guy we helped on the forums that really wanted one so we gave him the info and told him it takes some time to get to know it and do great with it. After he tried it one hour it was up for sale. Those the stayed with it and learned it well from actual in Field use found out it is a detector that no detector could match it as it was kicking butt all over for those that spent the time and went out and used it and learned from experience.
Now the XS stands for Extra Sensitive which it was and had a volume control where the original never did. The XS didn't have the toggle switch to turn on or off the iron mask as most that had the original never used it anyway once they got to know it well as they found better finds with it on, so all the Sovereigns made until the GT were in iron mask all the time. The XS also had some better tones than the original and from my Experience with the XS and then trying a original I found the XS to be more sensitive as the name stood for and got better depth for me also.
The XS came with the 8 inch coinsearch coil which to this day is still preferred as it seem like the tones stood out more and lingered a little longer so it was easier to learn the Sovereign with the 8 inch coinsearch coil. This was the same coil used on the original Sovereign and also used the same batter pack that was a wire you plugged into the pack, so it has good connection. One draw back to this plug in pack used on the original and the XS is you had to be careful when pulling the plug out of the pack and many would grab the black shield of the wire to unplug it only to pull the shield off the plug and pull the wires loose. Those that came into my shop and those i sold I put some shrink wrap over the black shield and the wire and draped a little over the front of the plug so it covered the metal a little so the shield wouldn't pull off the actual plug.
The first impression of my first Sovereign, the XS was too basic compared to other detector, but found out they were built like a tank as I sold mine the next year to get a XS2 with the 10 inch coil as the XS was replaced with the XS2 in 1998. I sold my XS to a guy new to detecting and he really did well with it and after 5 years of hard detecting and sitting in his car that got so hot the Sun Ray meter and the Sun Ray probe started to melt and found over 1000 silver coins and so many IH and wheaties he switched to the Explorer and I sold his XS that still worked like the day I got it
You will find the XS and the 8 inch coinsearch coil are in high demand more than any other model Sovereign other then the GT and the XS was the start of Minelab being where it is today for the hobbyist.

I sure hope this didn't get too long as it is hard not to talk about one of my best detectors I have used in my 39 years of detecting.



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Rick(ND)1458May 15, 2012 01:51AM

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Ron from Michigan3725May 14, 2012 09:05PM

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