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The latest model the GT
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: May 22, 2012 12:58PM
The GT is the latest model of the GT that is now being made, so it has the latest upgrades and features of any of the Sovereigns.
The GT uses the same battery set up as the Elite did and mounts the same to, but the color is different on the GT. First thing I like to mention is the control panel as the controls are changed position from the Elite and now like the older Sovereigns which many of us were used to. They have added a few more toggle switches too which looks like too much, but actually these do different functions many have added or had modded by someone else.
The normal all metal pinpoint/ disc toggle now has 3 positions and not 2 like the others do. The difference is you can turn off the iron mask now if you want to, the others Sovereigns was on all the time. With it on it can see good targets closer to iron, but may false a little more on iron which most use, now for those new to the Sovereign might want to turn it off as it will make the GT run smoother and easier to use.
Now on the GT we have a switch to run silent search or threshold which also is a new switch on the GT, before you would have to open up the control box and move a jumper wire if you wanted silent search. The older Sovereigns came with a threshold as many of us that really prefers the threshold as we can tell if we are swing the coil too fast as we get a solid null which can not be heard in silent search and miss some deeper targets we only hear a change in the threshold. I never liked silent search but see where it can come in handy when targets are far and few and you don't have to listen to the threshold of a low growl of iron as it seems it is always the last target it sees. Once targets become more plentiful I switch back to threshold tones.
Now the switch that is also a 3 way switch is Trac/lock/pinpoint is only active when it is in the all metal mode, so if in disc this switch is turned off. Being in all metal it give you the chance to use this detector for prospecting and the reason for the track and the lock switch and the pinpoint if for those like me that run disc and when we want to pinpoint we just switch to all metal as the trac/lock and pinpoint is always in pinpoint, so remember this switch is only used if you are in all metal as it don't work while in disc.
Now the other toggle switch is a band 1 or band 2 switch which is used if you run into some electrical interference or if another Sovereign is hunting close by as you can switch to a slightly different freq so there is no crosstalk between detectors. We find band 2 is the better one to run if you can as if you are using a 180 meter it seems the nickles will read higher in band 1 and most info on ID numbers match band 2.
The knob switches are the same as the other Sovereigns, so we don't have to go into those.
My opinion is the GT is the best Sovereign made as you can do more with it that some really did want, the weight is still a bit heavy, but you can hip mount or chest mount if the weigh is too much or even get a different rod so it can balance better. I feel the GT is a bit more sensitive too as I notice a little more falsing with it over the others i have used, but it is not a real problem as you check the signals from different angles and see the target will move or null out completely.

All the Sovereigns are great detectors for those that don't give up and spend the time to know them as the Sovereign gives you more info on every target and let you the operator decide to dig or now, you just got to learn what it is telling you.

Thanks for reading and wish you all luck with your Sovereigns, please post your finds so others can see what kind of job the Sovereigns can do.



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The latest model the GT

Rick(ND)2454May 22, 2012 12:58PM

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Ron from Michigan3597May 14, 2012 07:53PM

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Rick(ND)1471May 15, 2012 01:51AM

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Ron from Michigan3749May 14, 2012 09:05PM

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