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Re: The Minelab 8" Coinsearch Coil & 8" (Actually 7 & 1/4" ) Minelab Tornado Coil In Same Pic For Size Comparison
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: July 31, 2012 03:12PM
So I would think then that that means the Sun Ray S-8 coil is the only true 8" size DD coil on the market for the Sovereign? Good to know, so thanks again. There is another 8" coil but it's a concentric and I don't know if it's a true 8, but the Minelab BBS and Tornado coils are 7 & 1/4" in actual diameter, and as you said the solid coinsearch coil is only 7 & 1/4", so I think that means the Sun Ray is the only true 8" coil for the BBS machines?

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Re: 11 inch Coinsearch Coil
Posted by: Kellyco Joe
Date: July 31, 2012 04:15PM
Hi Bik-il

We have a number of the 13 " Ultimate DD Coil For Sovereign GT instock. (part #13USOV )


Kellyco Joe

Re: The New Detech 13" Ultimate Coil For The Sovereign
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: July 31, 2012 06:26PM
Kellyco now has the Sovereign version in stock. This thread has info on a few Sovereign user blurbs about using it so far, weights compared to the 12x10 and 10" Tornado, a Kellyco FBS user review as well as one by somebody else, a youtube FBS user field test, and so on...,1751467

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Re: Sovereign and Excalibur Search Coils
Posted by: larry_nj
Date: August 01, 2012 10:59AM
is the coiltek 15" coil for the sov a waterproof coil, i want to use it for shallow water, thanks in advance,larry

Which Coils Are Waterproof Or Only Rated Water Resistant, What About Drag Issues In Water, & What Is The Actual Size Of Some Coils?
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: August 01, 2012 01:32PM
Yep, as said already in the sticky the only coils I think that are only rated water resistant and not waterproof are the old and now defunct 8 and 11" coinsearch coils, I think the old style Sun Ray solid white S-12 coil also no longer made, and the new Detech 13" Ultimate . Although some are using this coil in the water...water resistant coils can be used if you take some precautions by sealing the coil nut and rubber coil cable sleeve that slides down with it with rubber cement or something on the threads and between the rubber nut sleeve and the cable, but if you get one pin hole in a water resistant coil it might mean it goes bad.

You might be able to recover it by drying it out well and then sealing the breach when it works again but that's your risk of course. That I'm aware all other Minelab or aftermarket coils are waterproof because they are filled with epoxy. The 5" Excelerator and Sun Ray S-5 I don't know if they are filled with epoxy or not. Not sure about the concentric 8" Excelerator sold by Kellyco or some of the odd/rare old Ferret/Hot Head type coils

The Coiltek WOT coil is waterproof though and is very popular among water hunts for not just more coverage, but also for lack of drag due to the slim shape. The 15x12 for me was too much drag for my tastes in the water due to it's shape. Don't know if it's more drag than the WOT as I haven't used a WOT in water, but I suspect the 15x12 would be more drag probably than the WOT. Not sure if the 12x10 is any more noticable drag than the stock 10" coil or the S-12 spider coil or such.

By the way, the WOT is actually 14.25" in diameter in actual size. The Sun Ray spiderweb S-12 coil (the current one made that replaced the old solid S-12 years ago) is also very popular among water hunters and is 12 & 1/2" in actual size. It might be that the S-12 is still the most popular water coil out there due to less drag perhaps than the 12x10, but the 12x10 is so much newer that it might just be that not enough numbers of people have had time to start using one of those too for water hunting as well. I have yet to try mine in the water as I keep my 10" Tornado religated to my water shaft while the 12x10 stays on my lightweight land rig all the time.

If you look on page 1 of this sticky you'll find a link to a coil price and weight chart we put together where we weighed a bunch of BBS and FBS coils. We also measured them for actual size, and that chart shows the WOT at 14.25".

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Re: Sovereign and Excalibur Search Coils
Posted by: larry_nj
Date: August 01, 2012 02:19PM
thanks critter, you always have the right answers, its good to be able to post here and get good info ,larry

Re: Sovereign and Excalibur Search Coils
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: August 01, 2012 04:00PM
I'm just the guy with the most time on his hands. :biggrin:

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Re: Kellyco's Detech 5" Excelerator Currently Being Made For Sovereign. Actual Measured Size...
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: August 01, 2012 05:05PM
It is just shy of 5 inches on the top half and the bottom half is RIGHT at 4 and 3/4 inches across.

That makes it smaller than the S-5 which is 5.5" in size, because Ralph at Sun Ray says the S-5 is epoxy filled so it's windings go all the way to the side of the coil edge so I guess that makes the Sun Ray S-5 a true 5.5" coil? Not knowing about the internals of the Excelerator, the actual windings might be smaller than what you measured and the outside edge area of the coil padded to cushion from any bumps as has recently been talked about with some coils by Ralph in this sticky concerning some solid or "pancake" coils (non-spiderweb style coils).

That makes the 5" Excelerator at least probably half an inch smaller maybe if not more? Some who want max separation might want to opt for the smallest coil possible, but even if the S-5 is a true 5.5" internaly it's still one tiny little coil and it's depth is outstanding where as I haven't read any Sovereign user reports really on the Excelerator. The S-5 I own looks so tiny, much smaller than the Whites concentric trash coils I used on the low frequency Whites. Those are bigger than the name implies on them.

I would guess Ralph saying the S-5 is filled with epoxy also means it's rated waterproof. Not sure about the Excelerators. How heavy is it? If it's super light like it feels hollow then it's not epoxy filled and is only rated water resistant. That when then also mean the edges are probably padded to prevent shock and so it's even smaller than your measurements.

If you own a "5" inche Excelerator don't let the sticker being different in the pic below throw you off. As noted in this sticky already with 3 pics together there appear to be at least 3 different stickers on these coils but they are probably all the same coil and the sticker is just different for whatever market around the world it's being shipped to maybe. That is, until somebody tells us otherwise and the coils are different internaly as the coil evolved, but I doubt it...

Edit: Just noticed. Note the other "S" label one shown prior in this thread that I just re-posted beside yours here has a different label than yours, so that makes at least 4 different labels, but as said I'm sure all 4 are the same coil probably. The coil ears do look thicker on yours though maybe...

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No Kidding you got more time than anyone else
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: August 02, 2012 03:49PM
Should be out detecting and getting some real experience as not everything is by the books and don't work that way as we have seen. When do you get time go out and to look for a job?? that is if you are looking for one yet as it seems you spend all day and night looking up other peoples post from before and posting them on this forum. If I was unemployed I would be out looking for jobs in person as these are the people many will hire, not those applying on line.
I just don't have the time to respond to all your post as I have my bar and cafe to run or I would be posting more to you where I disagree from actual experience, not from what I read somewhere.


Re: No Kidding you got more time than anyone else
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: August 02, 2012 04:48PM
Rick, first...I will NOT be returning your personal attack in kind. Just not my style. Why the uncalled for smear on a person's character? Simply for the merit of not agreeing on metal detecting topics in the past? I would never do that to somebody on something as trivial in the big picture of life, especially in an open forum about metal detecting.

Second, since I do have *some* time on my hands (see below), I'm only trying to get info up for people who love or want to learn these great BBS machines. No harm in that IMO. My contributions to the stickys are slowing way down now as I've dug up just about all I can think from the forum to post in terms of common questions that always pop up time and time again, and not just answers to those questions from me, but even from others like YOU that had informative things to say in the past. You can see that in all the quotes from you I posted in the Sovereign Meters stickys. If I don't know something then I post from others who do. What's wrong with that?

Much if not the vast majority of thread links I put in the stickys are threads from others who have expertise in one form or aspect related to these machines. That's the very thing these forums are for. To share the expertise of others in aspects we don't know about. I think that's a great thing myself, that there is a huge knowledge base here from old threads to link right at people's fingertips. And, as said, I'm about done, as I've pretty much linked all the common questions that always pop up over and over that others had great answers to in the past.

Third, you just let me worry about my situation. No need to take personal swipes at people just because you don't agree with them on all aspects of metal detecting. If everybody agreed with everybody else on these forums there wouldn't be any point to them, would there? I can tell you that, as much as I frequent these forums, I don't ever get personal or try to smear people I don't agree with. You think about that, and that old rule about treating others like you'd want them to treat you. I know I always try to live by that rule and it seems to work for me.

Far as jobs go, for one thing I send out plenty of resumes every day. That's why I'm also on the forums a lot. I can only take so much resume shuffling and then I flip windows and relax a little bit with some reading and posting. Seems to take the edge off other boring/stressful "send this to that" type of job hunting mechanics on the computer. I don't know how long ago it was you had to look for your last job but things have changed these days. Many employers will only accept applications or resumes online. I've even driven as far as 30 or 40 miles to some places I dug up an address for only to see signs on the front door that say "NO RESUMES SUBMITTED IN PERSON! Email them to us at XXX" I still drive around to places I can and hand them out in person, but at these gas prices these days I have to limit how much of that I do every week.

And as far as detecting goes, I still get plenty of hunting in. I just don't post every hunt unless I feel there is something worth posting about. A few wheats or even the odd Rosie here or there and I usually won't bother with posting about it unless the recovery was notable due to heavy iron, an on edge coin, or one super deep. Not that I need to tell you my schedule, but tomorrow I'll be hitting a torn down old house I just spotted and Saturday I plan to do a water hunt. That is, as my resume sending/delivering time allows.

So, don't be so quick to judge and smear people. You may see me on these forums a lot but that's only because I'm swapping windows after digging up some emails or websites to send resumes and emailing them out, looking up more addresses via various sources. Many companies are not all listed in all the same place these days like they used to be in the yellow pages. You've got to cruise sites, look in contractor lists, and dig deep in some obscure places on the web. It ain't easy work, but if you haven't had to look for a job in recent years with this new age of computers or this bad economy where you have to really dig then you might not realize how much work it is. I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do with your day anyway. Not my place.

One more thing, I hope when you lay your head down at night you thank God for the job/business you have in this economy. Many can't say that, so don't be so quick to look down at others who are out of work right now. It's not always their fault. I know several people who are out of work at the moment that have very good college degrees in fields that are actually worth having a degree in, and yet they can't find jobs either. I owned my own business for years too, Rick. Losing it CAN happen. I had to shut mine down when I couldn't keep it going anymore. Aren't you worried about the karma thing when talking down to others who don't have jobs or own a business in this wreck of an economy? For that reason only I would never do that to others myself.

Now, you'll notice in this message, not once did I attack or smear you. Treat others as you would have them treat you. I know I always do, I just wish others would live by those rules too. Sure, once in a while I'm as prone to gossip here and there as the next guy, but never would I post such slanderous stuff in an open forum to try to smear somebody I don't agree with. I know for a fact you don't know me, because nobody on this forum has even talked to me on the phone with one exception, so you can't possibly know what you are implying about me.

And, one minor point, be careful who you PM and think you are talking in confidence about others. I already had been tipped off before about things being said, but I chose to ignore it. And I will ignore it again, starting right now...Meaning, say what you want, because I won't be responding to more of it. Just isn't proper for a forum on metal detecting for one thing. I really don't feel I owe you an explanation, but I felt I owed others in this forum one who might otherwise believe what you are saying about me. I just wanted to set the record straight, but I won't be contributing to your harsh attacks anymore by way of a further response to any.

You have a good day now...

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Re: Sovereign and Excalibur Search Coils
Posted by: larry_nj
Date: August 02, 2012 11:17PM
excellent answer critter, straight to the point and not a bad thing said, hope these forums go the way of the other forums i use, no need to bash other people and personally i think you are doing a great job, love all the info, larry

Re: No Kidding you got more time than anyone else
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: August 03, 2012 01:00AM
Critter in real life as you are seeing people want experience when it comes to hiring and in many things in life like detecting too, not really trying to put you down, but giving you a few tips and telling you that experience is what counts in the real world. Reading and doing some studying is good too and you have to try some of this to see how it works for you. I was taught that years ago that books are not always right as they have mistakes too. When I started with the Sovereign in 1996 I had to ask a lot of questions too and by actual use of the Sovereign I learned a lot and helped many with theirs from actual experience. In fact I learn many different occupations by experience and willing to learn something new all the time, maybe this is why I say you learn something new each time out with the Sovereign and why I keep saying to those new to make it simple to begin with and learn as you go.
I didn't want to sound mean to you, but some of this is because I have to work all the time it seems or too tired to get out detecting because of health issues while you can sit at a computer all day posting post after post. The BBS forum used to be post of great finds by people that are experienced with the Sovereigns doing well, some were just questions and answers too and we were there to answer them. Now it seem it is post after post with many the same thing with very few actual finds that gets everyone excited about their Sovereign. Many of the great posters with some great info and experience are not posting anymore, ever wonder why?? Some have PM me and I know why.

Anyway Critter I am a fun loving person that enjoys helping people with their Sovereigns and if I could afford it I would love to travel around the country and help those that have question and show and prove to them hands on what I am saying about the Sovereigns, they are great in the right hands, but there is other Minelabs that in the right hands are even better as it has been proven. I love my Sovereigns and always will as I have seen with my own eye what it is capable of.

I apologise to you Critter and other that was offended by my post, wasn't what it was meant to be, wanted to have you Critter out finding some great finds to post instead of sitting in front of a computer.


Re: Sea Search Coil is a great all around performer.
Posted by: Mel Parker
Date: August 03, 2012 09:12AM
I use it on the Excal and with an adapter it also works great on the Sovereign GT. It's waterproof, rugged and built like they used to build them. It also gets targets that the 10" coil gets.

A.H Pro Backpacker
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Garrett AT Max
Sovereign GT water machine
Troy Shadow X5 water machine
Whites MXT Modified
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5 Minelab Excals all modified (3 NYs, 1 Excal 1000 & 1 Excal test unit)
Minelab Equinox 800
Minelab GPX 4500

Excals "Hunt with them and for them".

Re: No Kidding you got more time than anyone else
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: August 03, 2012 09:13AM
Apology accepted. :cheers: :thumbup:

I know you want to see more finds and actual hunts being posted by people and I do too. Look at it this way. Now that the stickys have most of the common questions that always pop up answered right at their fingertips with links to various threads where other people have been there and done that, everybody can spend more time writing messages about their hunts or getting into other aspects of the BBS machines rather answering the same questions over and over.

That's all I was trying to achieve with the content and links I added to stuff others had already posted in the stickys, but I apologize if you if you thought it was getting out of hand. Just wanted to try to kill as many of the common repeated questions as I could with links to threads and such and so I made sure I was thorough about it. :biggrin:

Now people can just say "look for thread link X in such and such sticky." I already have been able to do that with a few questions from people in PMs or Emails and such and a few posts in the forum so far.That's why I'm so glad Ron put up those excellent stickys and everybody has put some great content in them. The videos people posted in the model sticky alone is worth a thousand words and I'm really glad people did that.

Only a stand up person would apologize, so that tells me a lot about you Rick. Thanks. And I apologize to you if you were sick of all the new sticky links popping up fast and furious. :thumbup: I'm about done with adding more links to the stickys as I can't think of much more in way of questions that always pop up from people myself. A minor link here or there to a great thread on something is probably all I can see myself adding in the future.

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Re: Kellyco's Detech 5" Excelerator Currently Being Made For Sovereign
Posted by: sierraimage
Date: August 05, 2012 07:24PM
Hello, I have the excelerator EQ2 double d in 5" (with the gold and red label on the top) for my Minelab Sov GT. But now I am not sure it is designed for my GT, I bought it used. How do I know if it's for my GT and won't damage the GT controls box? Also, does anyone use this coil with their GT and if so, is it any good? see pic. The kellyco site says this is only for Garrett etc. and doesn't mention Minelab Sov GT at all for it.

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