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Headphone Options...
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: July 16, 2012 03:32PM
Sun Ray of course is a Findmall sponsor and many Sovereign users love the sound and features of the Sun Ray Pro Golds. They have individual ear volume controls and more importantly a limiter switch which keeps surface targets from blasting your ears. Minelab says to insure targets at maximum depth are heard you should turn up the Sovereign's volume all the way and then adjust it on the heaphones to a comfortable level. Not sure if that's important or not because the Sony V-150 studio headphones I use don't have a volume control or a limiter circuit so I have to keep the volume all the way down on my GT, yet I seem to be able to hear the faintest whisper at the outer edges of detection depth with no problem. I love the audio on these Sonys that Crazyman turned me onto for only like $20 at Walmart. Best audio of any headphones I've ever used for detecting, super comfortable, and since they are half the size of regular headphones they are very light and don't make my ears sweat. Crazyman said there is an upgraded model called the MDR-V500DJ that has minor improvements such as a coiled cord. Still, when I have the money to burn I want to get the Sony Pro Golds because I'd rather crank up the volume on the GT and use the limiter and volume controls on the Sun Ray's so I have no doubt I'm not missing any deep stuff for sure just in case. I have read where some say they can hear the limiter make a slight click when it kicks in so it's rather easy to tell the target is on the surface despite the volume being held back some when it approaches that level of volume where the limiter backs it down a bit if needed.

By the way, I was given a pair of the expensive Grey Ghosts headphones and found them flat and muffled on my GT so I gave them back to the guy. Maybe I had a bad pair because I have heard some people rave about those things. If anybody has any heaphones they love to use on their Sovereign please post some pics and info.

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