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Re: The Sun Ray Inline Probe...
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: July 16, 2012 05:11PM
Good info from Rick that should probably be posted here about the Sun Ray probes...

The Difference is the S-1 probe for the Elite and the GT as they are different than for the older Sovereign XS series. They all work the same, but the mounting is different as the ones for the Elite and GT the probe switching box sits on top of the shaft while the older Sovereigns sits on the bottom of the shaft. I am talking the stock shaft that comes on the GT/ Elite and older Sovereigns. The reason is that the meter sits on top of the probe switching box if using a meter on the GT and the Elite. If you are using a different shaft then things can be different, but being the the Elite and GT are made to sit on top of the shaft with the meter on top of it the wire that goes from the probe switching box to the meter is not very long. The older ones that sat under the shaft had longer wires to go to the meter.
The S-1 can be used in disc and all metal and use it both ways most every time as I hunt in disc and if it is surface target I get the general area and switch on the probe and us it to find the target. Now if it is deeper I will hunt in disc, switch to all metal pinpoint to get it right on and dig a plug and turn on the probe and use it in all metal, now if it was a iffy one and I get close to the target I can switch to disc and ID it as being iron or good target. The depth in all metal seems to be a little more than disc with the S-1 and would Say in disc a good 3-4 inches and all metal around a 1/2 inch more.
The S-1 is the best probe by far for the Sovereigns and it will cut down recovery time so you can hunt more every hour you hunt and find good targets others have missed.

Good Luck

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