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Pictures Of My Custom Land Rig, Water Rig, & Info For Building Those Or Doing A Remote PP Switch On The GT...
Posted by: Critterhunter
Date: July 23, 2012 12:07PM
I believe these pictures of my land rig are from when I was still using the 15x12, so if the coil looks a little bigger than my current 12x10 I always use on land that's why. I've also long since ditched the detector stand seen in the pics and now just have two rubber feet (from radio shack or office supply stores) stuck on the bottom of the control box to cushion the GT and keep it's bottom from laying on the ground. I feel that's important, because not only would laying the box on the ground with no rubber feet to cushion the impact be constantly jarring the machine, but also because the off/on/off/on pressure being applied to the battery compartment might make things get loose there.

As you can see in the pics, I mounted the meter on top of my hand grip (bike end bar). I also have a remote PP switch wired installed inside the end of the bike end bar and is hanging down like a regular trigger found on other detectors such as Whites. In the last pic where the land rig is standing up if you click on the photo to blow it up you can see the switch hanging down. Strangely though, I hardly ever use pin point mode and prefer to PP in discrimination mode these days. I guess the switch would be useful to me for hunting say clean/deep areas in say all metal or PP mode, and then switching back to check them in discriminate, but I honestly feel at least so far that in my soil the GT is deeper in discriminate, but that may change with more testing, as I know some like Gunnar swear by the all metal mode on the GT being one of the best they've ever used on a machine. Some even claim they can tell targets by how they sound in all metal.

Anyway, my land rig is a custom shaft and a few other mods that dropped almost a pound and a half off the weight of the GT. You can also see my water rig in the photos. It's the stock shaft and arm cup. The only difference is I also put a bike end bar on it (I cut it down to just use the straight part of it) and of course you can see a really comfortable rubber grip on that that I also picked out at a bicycle store. It's so much more comfortable than the stock grip, and since it's not foam like the stock grip cover it won't hold water when water hunting. Since I always use the 12x10 on land, I keep the stock 10" Tornado on my water rig. That way to go water hunting I need only disconnect my GT control box from the land shaft, throw it in a plastic bag, and then throw that bag inside the Minelab hip/chest mount bag that I use chest mounted. Done like that I can get about belly button deep.

For explanations of all these mods please see this thread...,1164138,page=1

And if you want to wire up a remote PP switch for you GT, here

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