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SWORD END CAPS, dimensional differences
Posted by: Hopster
Date: October 29, 2016 06:36PM
Hi all.
I have an early NY Sword Excalibur that has undergone numerous repairs and mods over the years.
I am looking to get it working again.
I got it in about 1995 and was overseas where parts were impossible to get.
I had the housing crack on me due to using Trichloroethane to clean the interior.
Lesson learned. I ended up fiberglassing the outside of the housing to strengthen it, using methacrylate resin epoxy.
I added a level riser "Flat" section along the row of shafts to have a place to seat a third o ring under the knobs.
I designed and built my own UW headphones out of old aircraft headset speakers, then redesigned them later.
I changed the coil after the horseshoe coil failed from bottom wear.
The machine kept on finding gold and platinum for me for several years.

Now I want to get it working again.
Sentimental, you see.
I no longer have the headphone end cap.
I have heard that the caps were different so I measured the end cap from the coil end and compared to a cap from an Excal II.

What I found was a difference in depth of the caps.
The newer cap is 2mm longer from the rim seat to the end.
So, 2 mm difference from the rim to the base of the notch for the circuit board also.
This would mean that a newer cap would bind against the edge of the circuit board where the board rests in the notch, and that the cap would not seat fully.
But the dimensions of the o-ring groove and outer cap diameter are the same.
So it appears that they would use the same o-rings at least, but I am not sure.
The distance from the rim to the set screw hole is also the same.
So it appears that Minelab either changed the length of the circuit board or made the outer tube shorter on the newer models.
I don't have the newer excalibur opened up yet to measure.
I was wondering if anyone else has gone down this road before and can chime in on details.
It would be impossible to trim a newer cap down to the shorter length since a new PC board support groove would have to be cut.
And doing so would impinge upon the O-ring groove.
I measured the caps at 37.3 mm diameter, and O ring grooves at 32.7.
The tube internal diameter measures 37.8 to 38 mm diameter.
(Either my old Sword tube is not round anymore or I am shakey with a micrometer. )
Someone also told me the other day that a Sword PC board will not fit in a newer housing.

I may be out of luck altogether unless I find either a new housing , new caps, or some other way to make this work.
I would compensate for a solution if there is one.
DC (Hopster)

Excalibur early Sword model, Gary Storm built serial EX112, (needs new case)
Excalibur 1000/GreyGhosts
Excalibur II -1000/Grey Ghosts


SWORD END CAPS, dimensional differences

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Re: SWORD END CAPS, dimensional differences

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Re: SWORD END CAPS, dimensional differences

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Re: SWORD END CAPS, dimensional differences

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