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Battery plug help
Posted by: rl48off
Date: November 13, 2016 03:39PM
Maybe someone had this problem and will give me some advise on how to fix it.. Exal is new about 2 weeks old. I don't use it all the time It's my backup. today I notice that the 3 prone plug that you push into the battery pod doesn't go all the way in so that the black rubber gasket seats flush. I attached photo and hope it attaches itself.
It looks like right behind the silver nut is a space that really needs to meet flush with the black plug itself. There is a very small screw in back of the black plug if I loosen
that will I be able to tighten the silver nut ???? Being that it still is under Warranty I don't want to leave it for a month or two. So if it is easy to fix I would like to do it.
Any help will be grateful !! It say my photo was uploaded but I don't see it ????

Ronnie L

Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film.!

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rl48off550November 13, 2016 03:39PM

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