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Re: Excal headphone endcap wiring?
Posted by: AngerManagement
Date: May 21, 2017 06:01AM
While things will work OK... If the RC network is removed complete - then any DC bias can get through and that can PRE stress any speaker system. For Pizo's it means they can be bent and thus loose their response performance.

When things are good - no problems...

If you ever end up with a short at the Speaker... Then again the CAP should stop any dc surge current and protect the Audio drivers on the board... NO CAPS and yu could have a board problem.

I use the standard cap but use a POT to determine the best vale resistor for me.

If you look at the maths - and the impedance of the Pizos in // with the resistor etc and the cap across a frequency range that we can hear 1hz to 20Khz... About a 1 x 100 diver network so should be min losses... HOWEVER, depending on the speakers being fitted and YOU own hearing...

It may be a Frequency issue rather than Volume that is the issue...

I found the GG were bad for my hearing range/limits - Koss with some deadening in the cups to stop wind noise was helpful.

I also played with different types and layers of runs of sealant across the back of the Pizeos . As that changes their frequency responce. Some systems had a band of Si around teh side / others were fully covered and at least 3 diferent types from Hard to Soft..

Problem is it takes time to play and what may work for one; may not be OK for another...

Such is life.


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bklein598April 06, 2017 10:07PM

Re: Excal headphone endcap wiring?

AngerManagement174May 21, 2017 06:01AM

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OldBeechnut313April 08, 2017 02:35PM

Re: Excal headphone endcap wiring?

surfman290April 07, 2017 04:17PM

Re: Excal headphone endcap wiring?

surfman244April 07, 2017 01:31PM

Re: Excal headphone endcap wiring?

bklein262April 07, 2017 02:36PM

Re: Excal headphone endcap wiring?

OldBeechnut329April 07, 2017 05:46PM

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